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The reporter learned from the introduction of the “High -quality Development Research Bank” theme interview activities that the Shaanxi situation introduced that Shaanxi Province has deeply fought the battle of blue water and the quality of water environment has reached a new level.In 2023, the proportion of excellent water quality sections of class Ⅰ to Ⅲ in Shaanxi Province reached 97.3%, an increase of 40.8 percentage points from the end of the “12th Five -Year Plan”.The overall evaluation is improved from mild pollution to excellent, the quality of water environment has improved significantly, and the construction of beautiful rivers and lakes and beautiful Shaanxi has taken a solid step.
Water ecological environmental protection system is continuously improved
During the “Thirteenth Five -Year Plan” period, Shaanxi Province’s water pollution prevention and control battles achieved remarkable results.Since the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan”, while Shaanxi has further promoted the prevention and control of water pollution, it has continued to transform the governance of water resources, water environment, and water ecology.The “three rivers” governance of the “one, one lake and eight” and the Yangtze River Basin; the establishment of the “2 major basin-3 sections-25 key river control units-111 national control surface” management system, printed the “Shaanxi Province’s water ecological environmentConsolidate and improved action plan (2023-2025); implemented 111 national control breaks “one interruption and one strategy” to meet the standard, involving project investment budget 67.3 billion yuan, and 317 water ecological restoration and water environment comprehensive management projects have been implemented.
The quality of water environment in the Yellow River Basin has improved significantly
Introduced the “Plan for Ecological Environmental Protection of the Yellow River Basin in Shaanxi Province” and “Implementation Plan for the Tackling of the Yellow River Ecological Protection and Governance of the Shaanxi Province”, adhere to the governance ideas of “control, construction, governance, and management”, and carry out the governance operations around the first and secondary tributaries of the Yellow RiverEssenceSince the “Thirteenth Five -Year Plan”, “10+3” small enterprises have been shut down, and all sewage treatment facilities of industrial agglomeration areas above and above are completed.
Formulate the “Comprehensive Emissions of Sewage in the Yellow River Basin in Shaanxi Province”, which is stricter than the national standards, and the outlets of the surface level IV standards at the Yellow River Basin’s 120 -site and county -level domestic sewage plants at the Yellow River Basin have reached the surface standard.The special rectification of special rectification and solid waste dumping in the Yellow River Basin to enter the river basin is solidly carried out.In 2023, the proportion of excellent water in the 65 national control sections of the Yellow River Basin reached 95.4%.In the middle and lower reaches of 5 provinces in the Yellow River Basin.
Safety and stability of water environment in the south of the South Water
The implementation of the “Control Plan for the Institute of Phosphorus Pollution of the Yangtze River Basin in Shaanxi Province” was issued to carry out the reduction of total phosphorus pollution and emission reduction.Tracing the 2437 entry -entered channels that have been found one by one, and rectify the “one -bite and one strategy” of the existing problems; a total of 1988 administrative villages’ living sewage treatment was completed, and 846 centralized sewage treatment facilities were built.In the 19 key rivers and 7 major lakes and storage, the survey and evaluation of the health and environment of the water ecological environment was carried out.
Shaanxi has comprehensively carried out a comprehensive remediation of the ecological environment of metal mineral development in the Danjiang Basin of the Hanjiang River, solved the environmental problems leftover in the history of mineral resources development, and achieved staged results.In the past ten years, the water quality of the Hanjiang and Danjiang outbound sections has been steadily maintained to maintain category Ⅱ and above, which has guaranteed the safety of water -transferred water quality in the South and North.Ankang Lake and the middle of the Han River were identified as the excellent (nomination) case of the beautiful rivers and lakes by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. A total of 12 national ecological civilization construction demonstration zones were created, and “green water and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan” practice innovation base 8There are 13 demonstration zones of the provincial and ecological civilization construction demonstration zone, which has achieved remarkable results on exploring the transformation path of “Green Water and Green Mountains” and “Jinshan Yinshan”.
Actively build a water environment modernization governance system
Amended and revised the “Regulations on the Protection of the Weihe River in Shaanxi Province”, the Regulations on the Protection of Drinking Water Source of Shaanxi Province, and the Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution in Danjiang Basin in Hanjiang Province in Shaanxi Province, and released 14 provincial local environmental protection standards to promote the implementation of local regulations and standards.Establish a beautiful rivers and lake construction work mechanism and indicator system, and 149 rivers and lakes are included in the national and provincial and provincial beautiful rivers and lakes protection and lists.Improve the “grid+networked” monitoring and supervision model, build 234 water quality monitoring networks covering 101 rivers and 4 lakes and reservoirs covering the two major water systems of the Yellow River and Yangtze River in Shaanxi Province.system.Deepen compensation for the ecological protection of the basin, the river that includes the scope of compensation has been expanded from the Weihe River to 41 major rivers. Due to the significant improvement of water quality, the annual compensation funds have fallen from hundreds of millions of yuan to 4 million yuan in the past.
Accelerate the pollution reduction and carbon and coordinate efficiency
Give full play to the leading, optimization and compacting role of the ecological environment, actively promote the adjustment of the “four structures”, promote dual control of energy consumption to gradually turn to carbon emissions dual control, and reduce the unit GDP carbon dioxide emissions.The “Several Measures on Promoting Sewage Treatment of Swituation Treatment of Swituation and Effective Coordination of Sewage”, carry out water pollution improvement in industrial parks, and promote the use of wastewater circulation in industrial enterprises.Yan’an and Yulin successfully applied for pilot cities in regional recycling water nationwide, and actively promoted the purification and recycling of water and wetland of water treatment plant in urban and towns.Strict management and control of the “three -line and one order” ecological environment partition, resolutely curb the blind development of the “two high and one low” project.Promote the improvement of ecological environment compensation mechanisms and the implementation of ecological products, and support the healthy development of environmental protection industries.Effectively guide the public to enhance the awareness of ecological environmental protection, and the awareness of rule of law and subject consciousness of pollution and pollution and pollution and water -saving and water -saving and water -saving.
(China Daily Shaanxi Reporter Station Qin Feng)
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