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Reporter Yang Jianchen Lingjing Jing Shanghai report

(Pan Zhengzhi, the chief representative and executive director of the Greater China District Tourism Bureau of Singapore, said that China has become the largest source of customers in Singapore. Interviewees/Figure)

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In fact, as early as this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, “Lion City” Singapore tourism has become popular in China.”This year’s Dragon Boat Festival, Singapore is the number one overseas destination in China’s outbound travel.”Pan ZhengzhiI held in Wuxi a few days ago2024 Singapore Tourism Bureau Greater China Award Industry ConferenceThe above stated that before this year5 months,Mainland China visited SingaporePassengeralreadyrecoverTo a new crown79% before the epidemicChina has become the largest source of Singapore.

“China Business Daily” reporter noticed that in addition to vigorously developing the tourism industry, Singapore is accelerating creating the world’s best convention and exhibition cities.Related information shows that since this year, prizes (Mice,Right nowMeetings, Incentives, Conference/Conventions, Exhibitions/Exposition, conferences, rewards tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, and tourismForum, exhibition, hereinafter referred to as “MICE”)ActivityalreadyFrequently land“Lion City”Singapore.

Ou Yanmei, director of the Singapore Tourism Administration, said that Singapore strives to create a safe and credible standard, adheres to the concept of innovation and sustainable development, and maintains Singapore’s high -qualityGood records of MICE activities.We will maintain positive momentum and continue to expand their influence, and position Singapore as the “Global Best Convention and Exhibition City” that undertakes world -class business activities.”

Create the best convention in the world

At present, Singapore is accelerating the pace of creating the world’s best convention and exhibition cities.

“Singapore is one of the most connected countries in the world. It is known for its” Asian financial centers, international shipping centers, and the transaction center of commodities and trade re -exit centers. “Singapore Tourism Bureau saidExceed1700 event venues and 6 large -scale venues specialized.

In this regard, Pan Zhengzhi said,2023 to the present,SingaporeIn the four major fields of MICE -conferences, rewards, forums and exhibitions, they have blossomed, and have presented many classic cases.“SingaporeThe diversity of partners and rightSingapore and ChinaMICE operators are further supported.

Singapore will continue to support the new MICE exchanges through new experiences, new technologies, new carrying capabilities and reward policies, so that every business activity that occurs in Singapore can create and leave positive and long -lasting for the industry, society and the environment.Impact.”Pan Zhengzhi further expressed it.

At present, Singapore is attracting the exhibition activities.”Singapore can be regarded as a control tower center to enter Southeast Asia, commercial radiation throughout the Asia -Pacific region, and even the world.” Pan Zhengzhi said that Singapore’s exhibitions and activities are very international.Although Singapore itselfThe market is small,But participating in related exhibitions in SingaporeExhibitors mostFrom abroad.”A MICE event is held in Singapore, which can be used asOnevery goodSettlePoints to greatly enhance the popularity and influence of their brand.

Xu Wenwei, Director of the Executive Director of the Tourism Administration of Singapore, said: “For example, we have basically ranked until 2032. Recently, we have just won the World Conference on Non-Destructructivity Testing of 2032.”” “

It is understood that more Chinese companies will cooperate with Singapore in the future.A few days ago, Singapore Star Domain Exhibition Co., Ltd. (Contellar Exhibitions PTE LTD) and China Donghao Lan Sheng Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. established a cooperation consensus to strengthen their respective activities by forming a delegation, seeking cross -border networks, and joint investmentIn this caseIncluding the establishment of a special robot area on the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP “) to display the latest robotic technology and explore the cooperation areas of new robot exhibitions.

Related information shows that Singapore is inIn 2023, the global innovation index ranking ranked first in Asia and is one of the world’s most innovative economies.

About 80 of the world’s top 100 technology companies have carried out business in Singapore.Singapore is not only a regional hub and an innovation center, but also a leading country for sustainable travel in Asia.Singapore ranked second in Asia Pacific in the global destination sustainable development index (GDS-I) in 2023.“The Singapore Tourism Bureau said that Singapore’s stable and transparent government, balanced supervision and security policy, and flexible and tough convention and exhibition industry always adhere to providing conditions for enterprises to find solutions.

China becomes the largest source of Singapore

Thanks to Singapore’s efforts to build the world’s best exhibition cities, China has become the largest source of customers in Singapore.

This yearIn February, since China and Singapore exempted visas, tourists between China and Singapore are rapidly recovering.In February this year, ChinamainlandThe number of travelers visiting Singapore returned to 96.3%in 2019.The continuous monitoring data of the China Tourism Research Institute showed that the quality of tourism services in Singapore was recognized by Chinese outbound tourists and ranked at the forefront of various countries.

Dai Bin, Dean of the China Tourism Research Institute, said that China and SingaporeMutual is an important source of immigration tourists and countries out of the country, with a large scale, rapid growth, and high satisfaction.With the implementation of more visas, cruise and payment facilitation policies and the improvement of the consumer environment, more tourists from China and New countries will visit each other.The Chinese conference award -winning companies are growing, and Singapore is also expected to become the preferred destination country of the Global Conference Tourism.”

In addition, according to the relevant reports of the China Tourism Research Institute, among my country’s outbound tourists, high -educated and young tourists have become mainstream. At the same time, tourists in secondary income and tourists in first and second -tier cities are more positive. The annual income of outbound tourists is mainly concentrated in100,000 -200,000 yuan.

This also reflects Chinese tourists in Singapore’s consumption.According to Pan Zhengzhi, the current consumption of Chinese passengers in Singapore is higher than before the new crown epidemic.but,Xu WenweiIt also emphasizes that Singapore is a market economy, what price will the market decide, and if a price can be maintained, it means that there is still a certain amount of demand.

Since 2023, the choice of Chinese tourists has become more diverse.The proportion of Europe, North America, and Africa has increased, and Asian countries and regions are still in the top.More than a quarter of mainland Chinese tourists are willing to travel to Europe and the United States, followed by Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

“Singapore will prepare for future Chinese guests.” In Pan Zhengzhi, Singapore is one of the fastest and most convenient countries and tourism destinations in Southeast Asia using WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay.Many ChinaMICE passengers go to SingaporeWill think of Singapore and ChinadomesticStandardit’s the same.

“The most important thing is to establish the emotional value between China and Singapore. This is a good trend after the new crown epidemic. Singapore has always adhered to quality tourism, facing the willingness to pay for quality, and is willing to return after getting a high -quality experience.Passengers. “Pan Zhengzhi further stated that today’s tourists will not only go to Singapore, but also go to an immersive experience. If the emotional value can be improved, it can better attract passengers to return to Singapore. Their happy index alsoIt will be higher.

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