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Sat. May 18th, 2024

An intruder wearing a pro-Palestine t-shirt and carrying an LGBTQIA+ flag ran into the stadium during India’s match, briefly interrupting the 2023 ICC World Cup final between India and Australia. The intruder, named Johnson Wen, a TikTok user known for his stunts, approached Indian batsman Virat Kohli before being escorted away by security.

In August 2023, he ran onto the pitch during the FIFA Women’s World Cup final, wearing a jersey emblazoned with the words “Free Ukraine” and “Stop Putler” in protest of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Ukraine. He also took part in other stunts, such as dancing in public and swinging on a footbridge.

Stadium intruder interrupts 2023 ICC World Cup final with pro-Palestine message

Wen’s actions during the World Cup final were widely condemned, with many criticizing the security breach that led to his entry into the playing field. Others expressed support for his message of peace and solidarity with Palestine.

This incident highlights the challenge of maintaining security at major sporting events and the potential for individuals to use these events to make political statements. Organizers must take all necessary measures to prevent similar incidents from recurring.

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