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Sat. May 25th, 2024 Headline Client News CorrespondentXiang TenghuiReport: In order to further optimize the school’s health work management system, effectively ensure the health work of the school, guide and urge the school to prevent the prevention of infectious diseases, and enhance the awareness of prevention of teachers and students for the prevention of spring infectious diseases. Recently, the Wantian Township Health Center of Ruijin City sent the vice president of Health Vice President of Wan Tian Junior Hall.Enter the campus and carry out a training meeting for health knowledge.

  The vice president of Health communicates the work of the school’s clinic, refined guidance for students who return to school for the return of the school due to sick students, and emphasize the need to do a good job of emergency treatment of students in time, daily health disinfection, etc., and provide the health and safety of teachers and students.Assure.

  Spring is the season of high incidence of various infectious diseases. Dr. Xiang followed “why do you prevent?” “What are the infectious diseases?” “How to prevent it?” Several issues have conducted wonderful teaching. Students listen carefully and interact positively.

  In the cafeteria, the vice president of Health conducted a detailed understanding of key links such as the purchase of ingredients, warehousing, processing, meals, meals, cleaning, and disinfection.Awareness of hygiene safety responsibility, strict process operation to ensure food safety and hygiene.

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MLS Football Jersey