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Sat. May 25th, 2024
In order to implement the “Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline” and help the healthy China strategy, care for the physical and mental health of employees, under the guidance of the Electrochemical Center of the National Federation of Trade Unions, on April 23, the “employees planned by Huayu Da Health and the Southeast E -Station OrganizationThe unveiling ceremony of the Health Station was held smoothly at the southeast E station.
Su Lanzhou, former Deputy Secretary -General of the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress, Yang Hongyan, chairman of the Tianjin Enterprise Federation, and relevant leaders of the National Federation of Trade Unions Electronic Education Center and corporate representatives attended and delivered speeches.In this event, Huayu Da Health also reached a cooperation agreement with China Real Estate Association, China Mobile Research Institute, and Southeast E Station.
Former Deputy Secretary -General of the Standing Committee of the Tianjin People’s Congress Su Lanzhou
Yang Hongyan, President of the Tianjin Enterprise Federation
Participants took a group photo
The health China strategy has become an important engine for the development of the health industry in my country.The “Employee Health Station” is one of the specific projects that implement the spirit of the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s “Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline” and the spirit of the Health China Action Series.Directed by the Chinese chief worker and the China Employee Electrariasis Center, it aims to serve the intelligent health management service platform of trade unions and employees at all levels in the country.
Huayu Great Health always implements the development strategy of Jiankang China, combined with its own advantages, and launched the “Employee Care Program” to carry out the popularization of health knowledge, health assessment, health management, psychological guidance, medical treatment green for employees and massesChannels and other services have carried out the construction and operation of the health stations of co -construction of employees across the country.
Huayu Great Health has always been committed to the research and practice of occupational disease prevention, sub -health testing, conditioning, and conditioning.Testing and physiotherapy equipment, medicine and food homologous products, all cooperate with top scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing University of Technology, Nankai University, and China Pharmaceutical University.Management planning, effectively managing physical and mental health, has received wide praise from users.
In recent years, with the improvement of employees’ living standards and the change of health concepts, employees have more and more demand for health services.Through the establishment of a “employee health station” within the enterprise, the use of modern medical technology, scientific and technological achievements, and combining the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and response to common problems such as shoulder, neck, and waist and leg pain in common emotional problems in employees.
The Huayu Da Health Association continues to pay attention to the health needs of enterprise employees. Under the guidance of the Electronic Education Center of the National Federation of Trade Unions, it will cooperate with more enterprises and institutions to improve the health service system of employees and comprehensively improve the efficiency of employees’ work. Really trulyCaring for the physical and mental health of employees, for the health of health China.

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