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Sat. May 25th, 2024
Reporter Cai Yu Dan Haiyang Report
A county -level city with a population of only 570,000. How can a commercial satellite launch such a high -tech industry?On April 16th, the theme interview activities of “Walking Pioneer Seeing Green Low Carbon and High -quality Development” walked into the Yantaihai Sea to explore how this county -level city has a strategic emerging industry of commercial aerospace.
1.To the seaGo to see the “aviation blockbuster”!
Today, traveling to the beautiful seaside small town in Yantaihai Yang, maybe you can also enjoy a free “aerospace blockbuster” -Now, Haiyang has become the largest commercial satellite launch base in China.For launch at sea, tourists can be lucky to watch this shocking visual feast.
The picture comes from
Is there any more powerful tourism resources than this?
Of course, such a special tourism resources are not eaten by the day, but it was created by Haiyang itself.
Starting from the launch of the first satellite on June 5, 2019, Haiyang Oriental Spaceport has now launched a total of 57 satellites for 10 times, with a success rate of 100%.This county -level city with a population of only 570,000 can build Shandong “arrows”, can produce “Shandong Ship”, and can shoot Shandong “Stars”.
Today, commercial satellites are lining up in Haiyang waiting for God.Haiyang, how can there be a commercial aerospace industry for nothing?
According to the information provided by Haiyang, this “aerospace margin” in Haiyang is inseparable from the strategy of the national aerospace power.Through field inspections, it was finally selected to go out from Haiyang Port and conduct a sea rocket test in the Yellow Sea.
On June 5, 2019, the Long March 11 Lange Rockets developed by Aerospace First Hospital sent the technical test satellite No. 1 A, B star and 5 commercial satellites to the scheduled track. This is the first time in my country to launch on space launch at sea at sea Essence
Why does the Aerospace Hospital choose Haiyang?Zhang Hua, deputy general manager of Oriental Space Port Group, revealed.
Zhang Hua said that Haiyang is located in the Yellow Sea area with excellent geographical location.Through short -distance transportation, the launching point is flexible, which can meet the launch needs of various rail satellites such as small inclination, solar synchronization, and polar rails.Haiyang Port container has a small amount of freight, which meets the technical requirements of rocket terminal transfer safety; typhoons, earthquakes and other severe weather, there are fewer meteorological environments required for rocket launch, less salt and mist in the southern seas, which is conducive to the safety protection of aerospace equipment (salt salt (salt salt (saltFog refers to the diffuse system composed of salt -containing droplets in the atmosphere, which will corrode the launch equipment).
After the successful test shooting, Yantai seized the opportunity to plan the commercial aerospace industry, set up Oriental Aerospace Port in Haiyang, and launch the entire industrial chain to layout the commercial aerospace industry cluster around the sea to create a first -class international commercial space maritime launch mother port, national air sky and sky -level air and sky.Information Industry Park.
This idea was quickly included in the top -level design of Shandong Province.In 2021, 20122, and 2024, the Oriental Space Port was written into the work report of the provincial government, and the Yantaihaiyang Aerospace Industry Cluster was listed as a strategic emerging industrial cluster in Shandong Province.The first phase of the major project of Dongfang Aerospace Port was listed as a major provincial project in 2021. The satellite data application center and the “Dongfang Huidan” intelligent remote sensing constellation project was listed as a major provincial project in 2022.In 2023, the provincial major projects, Oriental Aerospace Port and “Oriental Wisdom Eyes” intelligent remote sensing constellation project was written into the “Three-year Action Plan for the construction of green low-carbon high-quality development pioneers (2023-2025)” in Shandong Province.
In December 2023, the Central Economic Work Conference proposed to build a number of strategic emerging industries such as biological manufacturing, commercial aerospace, and low -altitude economy.This year, “Commercial Space” was written into a government work report for the first time, clearly and actively creating this “new growth engine”.
The commercial aerospace industry is a typical technology and capital -intensive industries, and the competition for technical resources is extremely fierce.Yantai started to get the time window for the gathering of factor resources. A typical case was to sign first -class experts in the field of surveying and mapping remote sensing and professor Li Deren, a professor of Wuhan University.
2. Rocket launch “front shop and back factory”
The goal of the Oriental Space Port is to build a general test base in the largest domestic rocket assembly, and forge the potential energy of the national commercial aerospace industry “the most comprehensive, the strongest capacity, and the greatest influence.”Under this goal, create core capabilities such as “maritime launch guarantee capabilities, rocket total assembly testing capabilities, and empty information service capabilities”.
The forging of these core capabilities is closely related to the manufacturing gene of Yantai.
Yantai has very strong marine engineering equipment manufacturing capabilities, and companies such as Yantai 513 can provide convenient ship protection for maritime launch.At present, Oriental Spaceport has created the first domestic maritime launch ship Elving Port No..The semi -submarine launch platform will be completed during the year, which will meet the needs of mid -size liquid rockets offshore launch and solid carrier rocket engine test.
At present, China has built the four space launch stadiums of Jiuquan, Taiyuan, Xichang and Wenchang, and Oriental Spaceport is the only mother port with existing manufacturing and launch conditions in my country.
Zhang Hua said that compared with the land launch base, the public sea launch is not limited by points, which can save a lot of land resources. On the basis of mature launch at sea, it can provide a broad space for subsequent “North Failuren and South Collection” to provide broad space.It also provides more possibilities for launching in the next sea area.
The key is that the rocket manufacturing park and launch port area of the Oriental Space Port are only 6 kilometers. After the rocket production assembly is completed and assembled, it can be “launched”.The launch has greatly reduced the transportation distance of thousands of kilometers during the transit process. This integration of manufacturing and launch reduces the cost of launch satellites.
Zhang Hua revealed that this year’s ability to decorate the test base of the Eastern Aerospace Port Solid Rockets will reach the ability to produce 20 -round solid rockets an annual output, which can effectively support the launch needs of high -density in the future.
3. Graving “pit position”
On February 3 this year, the “Jielong III” carrier rocket sent 9 satellites into the scheduled track in the waters near Yangjiang, Guangdong.
The “Jielong No. 3” carrier rocket is “Haiyang made”, which is leaned out by Haiyang Oriental Space Port. It is the largest solid carrier rocket in my country and the strongest launch capacity. It has the ability to “one arrow and 20 stars”.This launch was the third time the “Jielong III” implemented a sea launch in the South China Sea in my country. 4 of the 9 satellites were equipped with Shandong.
The “Yantai No. 2” satellite launched by “Jielong 3” was developed by the land and sea space (Yantai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the land and sea space).The company was jointly established by Academician Li Deren and the Shandong Maritime Aerospace Equipment Technology Innovation Center.
Now, an ambitious “Oriental Wisdom Eye” intelligent remote sensing constellation plan is being jointly created and implemented by Yantai Municipal Government, Wuhan University, Haiyang Oriental Space Port Satellite Data Application Industrial Park and Land and Sea Space.This is the first remote sensing satellite constellation project to carry out data and information services nationwide in the Oriental Space Port Industrial Park.18.5 billion yuan, relying on the launch capacity of Oriental Aerospace Port Maritime, master the core resources of commercial rockets, can achieve fast, economic and ground constellation networking, creating an entire industry chain of empty sky, constellation operation and information service, including satellite constellation operation, remote sensing, remote sensingData services, space information services, etc. to meet the diverse market needs.
At present, the first star “Yantai 1” of “Oriental Wisdom” has been successfully traveled. At the end of this year and mid -year plans to launch a 0.5 -meter optical intelligent remote sensing satellite and 2 5 -meter high -spectrum satellites.Scope remote sensing data from the acquisition end to the application end -level high -efficiency information service.
Ma Bo, deputy general manager of land and sea space, told reporters that there are three main uses for commercial satellite launch, communication, remote sensing and navigation.Taking real -time remote sensing data as an example, through the automatic calculation of smart cities, marine, agriculture, and ecological environment, the monitoring and prediction of various special changes is achieved, and urban safety, emergency rescue, smart cities, resources and environmental health, marine law enforcement law enforcementApplication in the fields of land management and control.
Ma Bo said that near -ground satellite track capacity is limited, and it is necessary to seize the spectrum resources of near -ground track space and seize the right to empty sky information.
Research data from consultants in Cydie show that the earth’s near -land track can accommodate up to about 60,000 satellites.With the limited rail resources and the high frequency band concentration, the competition of satellite track and spectrum will certainly become more intense.In international rules, the distribution principles of satellite frequency and rail resources are “first come first before”.
It is reported that Musk’s Star Chain plans to launch 42,000 satellites to a near -ground track, and 5,806 have been successfully launched so far.Once the star chain occupies a large number of track and spectrum resources, other countries need to avoid the application frequency bands and tracks to avoid mutual interference. Objectively, it will compress the space for other countries to explore in space.
On February 3, 2024, at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Geely successfully launched 11 satellites and provided technical support for intelligent driving and autonomous driving.This is the first time that Chinese car companies have successfully launched satellites. Geely Automobile has therefore become a “first -hand car, one -handed star -making” car company after Tesla.According to the plan, Geely is expected to complete 72 satellite deployments within two years.
According to data from the China Commercial Industry Research Institute, the number of new enterprises in the field of commercial aerospace in China in 2023 was 11,3272, an increase of 28.95%year -on -year.The scale of China’s commercial space industry is expected to exceed 2.3 trillion yuan in 2024.
4. 4..The new label of Yantai of “Ten Child” Yantai
Behind the outbreak of the commercial satellite, all places rushed to the sea of stars.The Oriental Airport Port of the Yellow Sea is becoming a new label of Yantai, a “trillion city”.
Today, Haiyang has attracted 21 industrial projects with satellite launch. It has attracted five industrial projects. Five commercial rocket companies such as the Long March Rockets, Oriental Space, Xinghe Power, Rockets, Arrow Yuan Technology, etc.In the end, there are 4 front -edge aerospace supporting companies, and the total investment is 4 billion yuan.Shandong Maritime Commercial Space Launch Service Co., Ltd. has begun to accept the launch order.
Oriental Aerospace Port Data Intelligence Center is located in the satellite data industrial park., Application and Disaster Integration, the vertical industrial ecology of the entire industry chain of the satellite.Data Intelligence Center is mainly used for large model reasoning training and satellite data storage needs of supporting landing companies.At present, the open global engine system developed by Academician Gong Jianya’s team has been launched in the Intelligent Counterbody Center. It is currently the largest remote sensing model with the most domestic models.
This also means that on the basis of the integration of rocket manufacturing and launch integration, Oriental Space Port sent artificial intelligence to the sky and establish “brain” and “wisdom eyes” in space in space.extend.
Under the rapid development of the commercial aerospace industry, Oriental Spaceport is striving to transport more “capital ammunition” for the “seedling period” industry.At present, the aerospace industry fund established by Haiyang has injected 350 million yuan of angel investment in land and sea space to support the first phase of the “Oriental Wisdom” constellation.
Wang Xiao Ming, assistant to the general manager of the Oriental Space Port Group, revealed that on the basis of the current scale of 2 billion yuan in aerospace industry funds, he will strive to participate in the construction of more social capital participation funds.
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