Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
On the evening of April 21, the finals of the SIUF International Supermodel Contest in the 11th Season 11 of 2024 were held in Shenzhen.After several fierce rounds, No. 1 player Jiao Ziqi won the championship. The No. 32 player Bo Shuyao and the No. 6 player Luo Yi won the runner -up and third runner -up respectively.
The SIUF International Supermodel Contest focuses on discovering and cultivating newcomers of underwear models, promoting the international exchanges and development of the global modeling industry, fashion industry brand, and fashion culture, and creating a stage for Chinese culture to link the world, international style lifestyle platform, Chinese new human beingsThe taste and fashion coordinates provide bridges and bonds for international outstanding models to enter Asia and Chinese models among the world’s super models.
After years of cultivation, this event has become a beautiful business card in the Chinese fashion industry.This contest has been selected by the sixth China, Northwest, Northeast, Central China, East China, South China, and the layers of network platforms and many colleges and universities across the country. A total of 32 players have entered the finals held in Shenzhen.Finals specially invited industry high -level people such as René Célestin, the founder of the top international fashion show, founder of New York Fashion Week, Victorias Secret Creative Director, OBO Paris, OBO London founder and chairman, as judges.
At the finals at Hall 5 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, a large -scale runway was intertwined, like fantasy, and 32 players appeared in order, filled with youth.They are wearing the title brand of the specially customized petals series underwear, which are confident and generous, such as flowers and bright flowers, bright stars, beauty and common.In the swimsuit display session, the players are more enthusiastic. The entire scene is like a summer beach party. The young and powerful pace of young models, the vitality of vitality, shows full of vitality.
After several wonderful display, the jury comprehensive players’ professional literacy, stage performance, catwalk skills and other aspects were strictly reviewed, and the Champions League was finally evaluated.The contest also awarded multiple awards such as the Best Popularity Award, Best Performance Award, Best Terminal, Best Photo Award and Top Ten Players Awards.
According to the organizer, this contest is led by young and international fashion trends. It adopts diversified aesthetic standards to integrate Chinese aesthetic and new forces at the moment, and has reached a higher level in terms of authority, professionalism and ornamental aspects.Fully show the prosperity and development of Shenzhen’s fashion industry.It is not only an important fashion platform for Chinese culture to link the world, but also a bridge and link between Chinese models among the world’s super models.
Zhang Fengwei, the founder of the SIUF International Supermodel Contest and the contest, said that through this event, many outstanding model talents have emerged and injected new vitality into the Chinese fashion industry.The SIUF International Supermodel Contest will continue to cultivate more outstanding talents for the fashion industry, helping Shenzhen and China’s fashion industry to the world.
(Author: Shenzhen SAR Reporter Wu Dequn/Wen Hu Lei/Picture)

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