Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
On April 19th, the three -day 2024 China Lingerie Culture Week and SIUF 19th China International Brand Underwear Exhibition opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian), and more than 1,500 well -known enterprises in the upstream and downstream industrial chains in the underwear industry participated in the exhibition.
At present, the Shenzhen underwear industry has been processed from early OEM to the creation of independent brands, and then to lead the development of Chinese underwear.”Industrial Cluster Regional Brand Construction Demonstration Zone” is also the only national textile regional brand demonstration zone in the underwear industry.
The models dressed in the latest fashion underwear and appeared in the runway in dynamic music.Photo by Hu Lei, a reporter from Shenzhen Special Economic Zone
The scale of this exhibition is nearly 100,000 square meters, and there are 9 theme exhibition halls. The exhibition categories are complete.Ten thousand categories such as equipment such as equipment to achieve one -stop procurement and cooperation development.
Original design, very dazzling.In the trend area of underwear in China, providing a variety of display space outside the booth for the manufacturer with scientific and technological innovation and unique design capabilities in the industry, and provides product planning and design for brands, factories, designers, supply chain procurement and textile colleges and other schools.Inspiration, collection of selected products and exchange transactions.
Passenger flow surges and the transactions are hot.The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Lingerie Industry Association said that on the first day of the exhibition, overseas buyer groups in dozens of countries and regions came to visit and purchase, and many Shenzhen underwear products were sold to overseas markets.”At the same time, some overseas underwear manufacturers reached preliminary cooperation intentions with Shenzhen original designers on the spot,” said the person in charge.
Fashion elements attract attention.During the exhibition, more than 50 underwear shows in more than 50 fields were staged. Salt, Yishan, Dongyang, Jinjian, Xiaolan, and Shenzhen 6 major industrial clusters joint shows, showing a dynamic fashion beauty that integrates Chinese design spirit and global underwear trends.
At the same time, the twelfth “Charming Oriental” China International Lingerie Creative Design Contest Finals, the twelfth “Charming Oriental” China International Home Clothing Original Design Contest Finals, Eleventh Season SIUF International Supermodel Contest Finals as scheduledHold.
(Wu Dequn, a reporter from Shenzhen Special Economic Zone)

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