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Sat. May 25th, 2024
On April 20, the 2024 National Modern Five Championship Zhengzhou Station and the 2024 Modern Five World Championship test competition started the second competition in Zhengzhou Sports School.On the morning of the same day, three “special” figures appeared at the competition scene -three “specially invited little reporters” of the organizing committee of the event.They walked into the field for interviews, while admiring the charm of modern five sports, and perceiving the spirit of stubbornly hard work.
The three “Mengwa” small reporters were Lu Yizheng from Xinghua Primary School, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City, Yang Yalang from Zhengdong New District Jiyuan Road Primary School, and Yang Yushan from Zhengzhou Jinjiang Primary School.Under the leadership of the staff, they met the first interview object, Li Jianchun, technical representative of this competition.In the exchanges with the kind and friendly Mr. Li, the three “Mengwa” reporters gradually relaxed into the state from the restraint and shyness of the beginning. In the interview, the serious energy was really a professional journalist.”What are the preparations for practicing the modern five sports?” From their questions, we saw that these “Mengwa” reporters seemed to have a deeper understanding and perception on the modern five sports.Small seeds were planted in their hearts.
“Hello brother, I am also practicing swimming now. How do you usually train?” Yang Yalan asked.
“The most important thing for training is persistence. Good physical fitness is very important. Secondly, psychological tolerance is also critical. I hope you can get good results in the swimming competition.” In the answer with the athletes, Yang Yalang’s child is quiteThere is a place of gaining a place, and the firm eyes also show their unremitting spirit in sports.
During the interviewing activity of “Mengwa” small reporters, the young reporters were in the “front line” of the competition to interview and communicate the referees, athletes and organizers of the organizing committee, and further learned about the origin and development of modern five campaigns.And referee work responsibilities, athlete training arrangements, and running processes of the event.After the interview, the staff of the event organizing committee issued a “Best Little Journalist” certificate to the young reporters. I wish the children to be successful while they are unforgettable.Every child’s love for sports.

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