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2023,7 new outdoor public sports fitness venues in Minhang District, newly built and updated 65 citizen Yizhizhi Fitness Garden, Better meet the diverse physical fitness needs of the citizens, allowing physical exercise to “reach”.

From March 16th, the Minhang District Rong Media Center and the District Sports Bureau jointly launched“Come, exercise”The series, punch the sports facilities at the door of the house with you.

Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to take a lookHuadao TownWhat fitness check -in points, let’s go to a spring, exercise!

Pickup point No.1:

Hongqiao · Champion Hui

Rock climbing hall

Sketch hall

Swimming pool

Children’s balance car wave road

Kung Fu Guo Chao Sports Boxing Hall

Address: No. 5101, Beizhai Road

Hongqiao · Champion HuiIt covers an area of 30,561 square meters, of which the sports venue area is 16,000 square meters. It is identified by the Municipal Sports Bureau as one of the pilot projects of the 2022 Urban Sports Center.The park covers about 20 national fitness projects and fashion sports. The current sports facilities have settled in:Fan Zhiyi No. 5 Football Training Camp, Guan Basket 7 (basketball, badminton, volleyball), indoor golf, indoor surf house, climbing hall, swimming pool, balanced car, motorcycle locomotive clubWaiting for venues, at the same timeSquad, fencing, diving, fighting, highway cyclingWait for niche sports to meet more modern youth entertainment, decompression, and social sports interactive space needs.

Pickup point No.2:

Jiwang Park Puzzle Fitness Point

Address: 600 Jigao Road

Jiwang Park Puzzle Fitness PointCovering an area of 600 square meters.The garden’s fitness equipment is complete: there are rehabilitation types that elderly people like to hear, the power type loved by young people, and the puzzle type that promotes parent -child relationships. It provides exercise, leisure and entertainment, stop, stop, and stop for sports enthusiasts of different ages.For a good place to rest, in 2020, it was rated as the “Magic Citizen’s Most Beautiful Citizen Yizhizhi Fitness Point” in 2020.

Pickup point No.3:

Zhuzhai Park

Address: No. 188 Yunle Road

Zhuzhai ParkIt covers an area of 53 acres and has an irregular quadrilateral appearance.There is a citizen of about 500 meters long in the gardenFitness trailString the beautiful scenery with various functional areas one by one.The citizen’s stadium has the whole and halftimeBasketball court, And withWatch chairIt has the effect of shading and rain.Fitness activity areaFitness EquipmentThere are many types and comprehensive, suitable for people from all ages to wake up sports cells and sweat.

Follow -up

Xiaobian will also be citizen friends

Bring a fitness punch card guide in other streets and towns

Stay tuned!

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