Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the residents of the community, improve the enthusiasm of residents to participate in physical exercise, and promote the physical fitness of the residents, “National Healthy, Smile Sports” 2024 Hengshui High -tech Zone Yongxing Street Management Service Center “Dr. Dr. tooth Cup” first community fun sports meetingFire in the Plaza of Evergrande City.

The event was hosted by the Yongxing Street Management Service Center of Hengshui High -tech Zone. Dr. Hengshui Ya’s mouth and Evergrande City Property Service Center attracted more than 300 residents to participate enthusiastically.

At the opening ceremony, the teachers and children of Sunshine Kindergarten brought a health operation and African drum performance, adding unlimited vitality and joy to the Games.Children show their talents on the stage and convey their childhood innocence and happiness.The saxophone band attracted everyone’s attention with its unique charm and made the atmosphere more enthusiastic.

At the competition site, Dr. Hengshui Dental’s oral personnel provided free oral examinations for contestants and community residents, and distributed toothpaste and toothbrushes and other daily necessities for free.

On the field, the contestants were full of energy. Everyone shared their skills to cheer each other, cheered each other, and laughed at the scene.The setting of the project takes into account the physical condition of children and the elderly. Based on the principles of fun game, there are three projects: four tug of war, concentric drums, and skipping rope.After the event, the winners who won the first, second and third prizes were awarded.Residents have said that they will also participate in the fun activities of community organizations in the future.

“Dr. Hengshui Dr. actively devoted himself to healthy public welfare, transmitting health concepts with actual actions, and promoting national fitness.” Dr. Hengshui Dr. Wang Menglai said that exercise is the source of life and health is the cornerstone of happiness.It is hoped that more people will participate in the exercise, experience the joy of sports, enjoy a healthy life, and write a new chapter of healthy water.

Jin Jin, representative of Yongxing Street, High -tech Zone, said that Yongxing Street Management Service Center will give play to the effectiveness of civilized practical positions at all levels at all levels, give sports as a grass -roots governance, carry out diversified cultural and sports activities, promote the depth of the national fitness and the health depth of the whole people.Fusion.

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