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Sat. May 18th, 2024

A new study has found that the COVID-19 pandemic may accelerate brain decline in people over the age of 50.

The study, called PROTECT, aims to help people understand how healthy brains age and why some people develop dementia. The study uses brain training games and questionnaires to measure potential risk factors for cognitive function and brain health.

More than 3,000 volunteers completed the questionnaires and tests each year throughout the epidemic. Results showed that cognitive function declined in all participants, regardless of whether they were infected with COVID-19.

The rate of decline accelerated during the first year of the pandemic, when the blockade was implemented. In the case of memory problems, this decline continued into the second year.

Overall memory decline was most severe in people who already had some mild memory problems before the pandemic began.

COVID-19 Pandemic May Accelerate Brain Decline in People Over 50, Study Finds

The researchers believe that stress, loneliness and alcohol consumption may have contributed to the memory loss. They also say that coping with the fear, worry and uncertainty that comes with a flu pandemic, as well as the disruption to daily life, could have a real and lasting impact on brain health.

Lead researcher Professor Anne Corbett, of the University of Exeter and King’s College London, said: ‘Our findings suggest that the lockdowns and other restrictions we experienced during the flu pandemic had a real and lasting impact on the brain health of people aged 50 or over, even after the lockdowns had ended.

This raises an important question, she added: Are people now at higher risk of cognitive decline that can lead to dementia.

Dr. Susan Mitchell of Alzheimer’s Research UK said that while there is no foolproof way to prevent dementia, taking care of our brains can help increase the chances of developing the disease. She adds that it’s never too early or too late to consider adopting healthy habits, such as focusing on heart health, staying connected and staying sharp.

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