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On April 23, 2024, Dane Education successfully held a curriculum upgrade conference.

Han Shaoyun, the founder of Dane Education, delivered a speech.

The development of the AI industry well spraying has become the focus of global science and technology competition

From last year’s AI large language model ChatGPT to this year’s video generation model Sora, artificial intelligence technology has been associated with everyone and every company for the first time.In 2024, it is considered to be the first year of artificial intelligence applications. The transportation industry, construction, manufacturing, and finance, communication, education, tourism, power grid & hellip; & hellip; At present, artificial intelligence technology is constantly penetrating into various fields, accelerating the deep integration of the industry to integrate the deep integration of the industryEssence

“Artificial Intelligence+” empowering thousands of industries has become the focus of global science and technology competition.

The 2015 Government Work Report proposed “Internet+”

“Smart+” appeared in the government work report in 2019

In 2024 (this year), the two sessions of the country, “Launch & lsquo; Artificial Intelligence+& RSquo; Action” was written into the government work report for the first time

Behind this is not only the change of science and technology, but also the change of industry and the change of the times.

In fact, the development of my country’s artificial intelligence industry has entered the fast lane.According to the data released by the China Institute of Information and Communication, in 2023, the size of my country’s artificial intelligence core industry reached 578.4 billion yuan, a growth rate of 13.9%; data from the Sidi Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that in 2023, my country -produced artificial intelligence companies The adoption rate has reached 15%, and the market size is about 14.4 trillion yuan.

With the further advancement of the “Artificial Intelligence+” operation, we have reason to believe that in the AI era, the battle for innovative and composite AI talents will start, which will also bring new opportunities for the development of adult vocational education.

The future world is artificial intelligence, but in the final analysis, it is still talented

Talent is the key factor to promote the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology.Putting his attention to Silicon Valley, this battle -free AI talent battle has already occurred.

Not long ago, Tesla CEO Musk posted on the social media platform saying: “OpenAI has been digging Tesla engineers at a high salary.” In order to deal with this challenge, Musk plans to raise the salary of AI research and developers to retain them.This series of actions shows a fact: in the field of AI, talents are the most valuable resources.

On the occasion of the AI industry on the other side of the ocean, the phenomenon of high salaries “grabbing people” in the positions of artificial intelligence represented by large models of large models.

The “2023 Pan-Artificial Intelligence Talent Insight” released by the High-hiring Talent Think Tank shows that from January to August 2023, the average monthly salary of new AI positions exceeded 46,000 yuan, but the talent supply and demand ratio of talents was only 0.39, and in 2022, this was this in 2022.Numbers are still 0.63, which is equivalent to 5 positions for 2 talents.

In recent years, the scale of China’s AI market has continued to expand and has become the world’s second largest AI market.With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, more and more positions are created.Due to the complexity and professionalism of AI technology, talents with related skills should be in short supply.At the same time, with the expansion of artificial intelligence+applications, more and more traditional industries have begun to get involved in the AI field, which means that AI talents with composite skills will be more competitive.

Back to the field of adult vocational education, a large shortage of AI talents means potential opportunities.In the context of ALL in AI in various industries, learning artificial intelligence skills has become a common needs for accelerating occupational development in different industries, different ages, and different gender personnel.AI is changing the professional ecology, embrace AI, and master key technologies to develop harmoniously with AI.

AI technology is changing with each passing day, and the talent training model is changing. AI is reshaping the “teaching” and “learning” of vocational education.As an emerging industry, the technical routes of artificial intelligence are rapidly iterating, and new trends and trends may emerge at any time. Students generally have AIGC’s perception behind industry and enterprises.The cultivation of related technical talents must closely follow the development of AI technology, and at the same time cooperates closer to the industry to ensure that education and market demand are consistent.

How the supply of industrial talents keeps pace with the footsteps of the times and has become an important way of thinking in the field of vocational education.

Dane Education empowers the new development of vocational education to lead the new model of the adult education industry era

The trend of keen insight into the IT market and adjusting the talent training strategy are the responsibility of IT vocational education.In the 21st years since the establishment of Dane Education, it has always helped young people to improve job hunting professional skills, improve employment efficiency and employment quality as a mission; with employment -oriented, letting young people learn to enter the rigid skills of famous enterprises is our vision.One goal, our teaching and research team has always followed the needs of industrial development to innovate courses and empower students.

In the context of the booming of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology, Dane Education relies on the 21 -year adult vocational education exploration experience to embrace the industrial changes in the AI era.Resource integration has been upgraded in a full range of IT colleges, the school’s curriculum system, and employment services.The advanced technical elements and new formats are integrated into the service system of the full -link, and the new development of vocational education with AI technology is used to lead the new model of the adult education industry.

IT college product upgrade

In terms of IT professional skills training, Dane Education followed the development and application of AI technology, upgraded all the existing product line courses, and incorporated AI human -machine collaborative programming into every link of teaching.Each student will be exposed to how to use AI to help him programming and learning from the first day of admission.Help all students to achieve the implementation of AI application skills, start with the ability to communicate with AI and write Prompt prompts, and use AI tools to improve efficiency.

Secondly, under the major trend of ALL in AI, companies’ demand for AI+talents is also increasingly stronger.On this basis, Dane Education IT College also upgraded all product lines to teaching content, combined with different hotspots in each direction and the most urgent talent needs of the enterprise to increase AI -related knowledge.

For example, at present, major enterprises worldwide are competing for the development of Agent Smart. Smart may be the most useful model of everyone in the future and the most mainstream model. Based on a powerful basic model, smart bodies can be generated in batches.Apply to a variety of scenarios.

Dane Education IT College integrates the content of Agent Intelligent Development in this direction in the course, allowing our students to have the ability to develop an agent smart, combine AI technology training with actual business to help each student fill and upgradeSkills, to achieve employment standards for enterprises, and achieve the perfect closed loop of “supply and demand matching”.

In terms of vocational skills training, Dane Education has increased the cultivation of students’ actual experience by providing intelligent scenario cases and solutions, and pioneered the large model Agent technology, and developed the “Dane Master” applet to make it vividSimulation simulation the environment, restore the super -realistic interview assessment for students, conduct accurate professional matching and suggestions according to market developments and corporate needs, as well as business needs, and help students achieve seamless docking from theory to practice and from campus to workplace.

Product upgrade of the School of Design

The AIGC wave has led to the development of related technologies such as semantic understanding and image generation, allowing Wenshengtu, Tu Shengtu, Tu Shengwen, Video Shengwen, Wensheng Video and other applications to gradually penetrate into the key business areas of the enterprise.For AI application talents, what will be tested in the future is the organizational ability of the entire product integration, not the task of a specific single item.

On this basis, the Dane School of Education Design has grasped the needs of enterprises in the AIGC era, combined with AIGC technical hotspots and corporate needs to help students learn, understand, and apply the most cutting -edge AIGC tools at the moment to enhance their professional competitiveness.Cultivate the talents needed by enterprises and lay a solid foundation for students to work!

In the AIGC era, truly capable designers or editors did not have an unemployment due to AI, but AI infinitely enlarged the boundaries of human designers.

Employment service is fully upgraded

In order to better meet the market demand, promote the supply and demand of talents, help students improve the competitiveness of the workplace, adapt to the current demand for digital talent recruitment, and achieve higher -quality job hunting, employment, transfer and workplace promotion.Dane Education creates a complete set of corporate talent ecological cooperation solutions to enhance the degree of fit in the development of innovative technical and technical talents and the development of emerging industries.

Dane Education and Huawei Hongmeng Ecology launch in -depth cooperation, and make every effort to build a “learning+training” integration enterprise custom employment service.In online and offline lectures, Huawei experts are invited to provide cutting -edge technical explanations and analysis in students to help students understand the industry, enhance the adaptation of students and enterprises ’employment needs, and escort students’ worry -free employment.

At the same time, Dane Education has established a stable talent delivery cooperation with 200,000 well -known enterprises to propose long -term cooperative relationships with Software Power, Asiaxin Technology, Shenzhou Digital, and Zhongsoft International.Partners’ efficient interoperability recruitment needs, pushing more qualified students to “push from class to the workplace”.

The Double Employment Society is one of the important channels for Dane to promote students’ high -quality employment.Since 2015, Dane Education has held a number of special recruitment fairs every year, focusing on releasing positions with high matching and high employment rate to help the majority of graduates and high -quality employment resources in the enterprise in the school, while helping enterprises reduce talent recruitment costs, Improve recruitment efficiency.The employment services of Dane Education have a high reputation among the students, and are considered a fast channel for the posts of famous enterprises.This year, Dane Education officially launched the 2024 Spring Recruitment Fair from March. It plans to organize 27 spring recruitment fairs in many provinces and cities and regions across the country to build a bridge for enterprises and job seekers.

The brand upgrade is not only the continuation of Dane’s firm innovation in the past 21 years, but also an important step for the company to facing vocational education reform and opportunities in the AI era and creating industry leaders.Dane Education has empowers the development of new quality of productivity through talent supply, curriculum innovation, and integration of industry -university -research integration, explore new opportunities for employment for employment, and show the responsibility and actions of vocational education with Chinese characteristics.

Focusing on IT education for 21 years, Dane Education invites more young groups to start new professional opportunities in the AI era together, gather hard IT dreams, and fight out the future of the workplace!

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