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Sat. May 25th, 2024

Yuxi Teachers’ Academy is attached to primary school.Correspondent Shenyang from this newspaper

Campus farm of Yuxi Yixi Landscape Campus.Photo by Wang Luyao, a reporter from this newspaper

The corner of Nie Er Primary School.Reporter Pu Meiling Photo

Yuxi City fully implements the party’s education policy, implemented the new era of the Lide tree project, and strives to work hard in cultivation of morality, growth knowledge, enhanced physical fitness, enhanced aesthetics, refining the will of the will, and sublimating the “single -string solo” of morality, physical and physical labor,”Symphony”, which is parallel to “five education”, builds a new ecosystem of education.

Moral education

Starting from “tune high and widow” to “moisture silent”

Nie Er Primary School in Hongta District strives to create a characteristic brand of “Nie Er and the National Anthem Volunteer Explanation Activity”. Students walked into the patriotic education bases such as Nie Er’s residence and Nie Er Memorial Museum during the holidays, carried out volunteer explanations, conveyed the power of Nie Er and the national anthem of the national anthem; Chengjiang Fengshan Primary School uses the weekly flag -raising ceremony to carry out “ideological and political courses under the national party” to guide students to establish a patriotic feeling for my strong country.

Nie Er hometown, a city of red.Relying on the deep heritage and rich resources, Yuxi City has made ideological and political measures from “tunes and widows” to “moisture silence”, guiding the majority of students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, and plant their family feelings.

In 2020, Yuxi Teachers College rely on Marxist Academy to establish the Nie Er and National Anthem of the National Anthem, and build a integrated research center of the Yixi, Middle School Simagon School of Education and Sports, to jointly plan to promote the integration of ideological and political courses in large, secondary schools, and create.The new situation of the integrated construction of ideological and political courses in Yuxi.Last year, Yuxi City established an integrated and coordinated innovation center of ideological and political courses in large, middle schools.Essence

“Moral education is not a classroom or one exam. It is a process of spring and rain and self -cultivation. It is necessary to form a gradual and spiral -rising vertical education pattern from elementary school and middle school to university.”Suiying said that through continuous research and exploration, Yuxi City strengthened teachers’ training, collective lessons, and base construction, forming a three -dimensional, complete, scientific and middle school ideological and political curriculum system.

On March 21 this year, the Liaoning Institute of Education, Yuxi Education and Sports Bureau, Shenyang Normal University, and Yuxi Teachers College signed the contract to unveiled the integrated practice base of the ideological and political courses of large, secondary schools, and the integrated practice base.Coordinated research and exploring the effective path of integrated construction of ideological and political courses in large and middle schools.

In recent years, Yuxi City has carried out 5 red literary light cavalry and “walking music ideological and political classrooms” activities; linking the large -scale middle schools to carry out ideological and political courses to build a Chinese -style modern theme teaching display activity, successfully held 23 Zhang Guimei Sizi Lecture HallYuxi City’s classroom, classroom experience in the province to communicate in the province; organize more than 1,000 theme activities of “Civilization Care” each year; identify the Museum of Natural Heritage of the Herbal World Natural Heritage (Yunnan Provincial Museum), Nie Er’s residence, Sun Lanying Martyrs Memorial MuseumWaiting for 18 “Yuxi City ” Dazhi Chu Course” Practical Teaching Base “and 64 young pioneers off -campus education practice bases, it has strongly promoted the construction of the Yuxi ideological and political courses to build a physical operation and integration.


Establish a high -quality and balanced basic public education service system

In order to allow each child to learn and learn at the door of the house, Yuxi City has clarified that in 2026 to achieve high -quality and balanced development goals for compulsory education in 2026, draw timetable and line maps, high -level coordination, coordinated advancement, accelerate the construction of high -quality balanceBasic public education service system.From 2020 to 2022, the city’s funds used for educational expenditure reached 14.422 billion yuan, accounting for 18.2%of the general public fiscal budget expenditure.Since 2021, the municipal finance has been specially arranged for 3 10 million yuan each year (preschool, compulsory education, and 10 million yuan each in high school) to support the development of basic education in the city.

Yuxi City issued the “Implementation Plan for Implementing the” Three -year Action Plan for High -quality Education in Yunnan Province (2023-2025) “, and listed the” Implementation of the Global Compulsory Education Quality Balanced Demonstration Project “as one of the top ten projects.Adhere to the urban and rural compulsory education development, and strive to solve the problem of “urban crowding and weak rural”.Strive for overall planning public resources, and adopt measures such as new construction, reconstruction and expansion, and revitalizing stock resources to effectively expand the scale of school running in the central urban area.Since 2018, there have been 76 new schools in the municipality, and there are 76 schools at the stage of compulsory education, with 17,031 new degrees, of which 5,240 are added in Hongta District.

The city implements a strong school improvement action, strengthens the construction of the community of urban and rural schools, and accelerates the high -quality balance of schools in the group and school districts.The city established 36 compulsory education stages, 257 member schools, 13,5430 students, and 51%of compulsory education schools were included in group management.Comprehensively implement the principal responsibility system led by the party organization, and implement the mechanism of the principal, the “three projects” of the famous principal, the class teacher, and the famous teachers, and the establishment of a mechanism for the principals, county management school employment, and pushing the best evaluation to steadily improve the professionalization of urban and rural teachers teamsBalanced and facing teachers, continuously consolidate the foundation of education.In the past three years, 5,146 exchanges in the city have been exchanged, of which 670 were exchanged from cities to rural schools, which effectively promoted the balanced allocation of teachers’ resources, and the construction of rural school teachers has been continuously strengthened.In 2022, Hongta District and Jiangchuan District ranked first in Yunnan Province to create counties (cities, districts) for high -quality compulsory education in Yunnan Province, and successfully passed the provincial supervision and evaluation.In December 2023, the high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education in Hongta District received a field verification of the national assessment and identification. The high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education in Yimen County successfully passed the provincial supervision and evaluation.

Today, the school of Yuxi school has scientific layout, standardization of school running conditions, balanced faculty allocation, refined education management, and the quality of high -quality education quality. The differences in urban and rural areas and inter -schools have been further reduced, and a high -quality and balanced basic public education service system has been gradually established.

physical education

National student physical health detection coverage rate is 100%

Strive to wave, fight for shooting, and swim … On Friday afternoon, when I walked into the Ziyi Campus of the First Primary School in Yuxi City, I saw that the students were sweating like rain and happy exercise, showing the hard work of the hard work.Since its establishment in September 2021, the Ziyi First Primary School Ziyi Campus of Yuxi City has opened more than 10 special courses such as track and field, basketball, football, swimming, and so on.We welcome.”Exercise can make my health and feel good, I like it very much.” Said Li Jincheng, a second -year student.

Entering the swimming training point of hot spring elementary school students in Longjie Central Elementary School in Jiangchuan District, students changed their postures and swim in the swimming pool.Relying on the Karst landlift hot spring water, Longjie Central Elementary School established the “Jiangchuan District Student Swimming Training Point” in 1989. After building a swimming pool and perfecting supporting facilities, he hired a professional swimming class teacher to integrate into the school’s lesson in the form of “swimming society”.Relax service work.”I come every week. Swimming training has improved my physical fitness and skills. I also won a lot of awards in the youth swimming competition at the city and district levels.” Guo Haochen in the third grade of Longjie Central Elementary School said.

Yuxi City has settled the “health first” educational concept, continuously strengthened school sports, and overall improvement of students’ physical health.Carry out the establishment of traditional sports schools, and identify 216 primary and secondary schools as municipal sports traditional characteristics.The youth sports competition and the school league are integrated, and the “three games” youth competition system is composed of a single game such as football, basketball, and volleyball leagues.Promote the implementation of the “All Sports Competition” and allow each student to participate in school -level sports competitions at least once a year.

The city has actively constructed sports incentives to inject vitality into the city’s high -quality development of education and sports in the city.At present, Yuxi City has successfully created 7 national -level sports reserve talent bases, 5 provincial -level bases, and 9 cities -level base bases.Established 19 project sports teams such as track and field, swimming, bicycle, kayak, and more than 900 athletes were selected to carry out daily training.

Since 2021, national student health test coverage rate has reached 100%, the test qualification rate has remained above 97%, and the excellent rate has remained above 50%.The city’s 125 schools were awarded the national campus characteristic projects, and there were 17 autonomous enrollment schools.The Yuxi Education and Sports Bureau was awarded the National Sports Industry Promotional Contribution Award in 2023 by the State General Administration of Sport, becoming one of the collective contributions of the 79th youth sports work in the country.

Aesthetic education

Nearly 160,000 primary and secondary school students participated in chorus education

“Spring sleep, spring sleep, unknowing, everywhere, smelling birds …” Entering Majiazhuang Primary School in Jiuxi Town, Jiangchuan District, the children were focusing on the beauty of the artistic conception of ancient poetry, and the gentle chorusThe sound is like the clear spring flowing in the mountains naturally flows, reaching the heart.

This is the Wakaroy Sound Choir. More than 70 children have joined. When the children’s “Chunxiao” performed at the Nie Er Grand Theater, they were well received by the audience.”I learned the ancient poem” Chunxiao “in the first grade. Now sang it, but I didn’t expect it to be so good.” For the third grade Yue Shuyi, the rehearsal twice a week was her most anticipated thing.

Ruojiao Sound Choir was established in November 2020. It is a choir of Majiazhuang Primary School in Jiuxi Town, Jiangchuan District, Yuxi City.Puhailan took over and served as a command, and the members were mainly from 5 primary schools in Jiuxi Elementary School.”Majiazhuang Elementary School is a rural school. Children usually have little music education, and there is no chance to learn piano, violin and other instrumental music, but everyone has a good voice. It is the best instrumental music.”Lan believes that allowing children to accept the influence of music and the influence of aesthetic education is an excellent patriotic education. At the same time, through chorus and praise again and again, the children in the mountains become sunny, generous and cheerful.

Since 2022, the Yuxi Education and Sports Bureau has comprehensively promoted the construction of the campus choir in all primary and secondary schools in the city, vigorously popularized chorus education, and implemented the “aesthetic infiltration” operation.Today, the student choirs in various schools in the city have grown rapidly to 118, of which 28 are awarded the title of “Yuxi Nie Er Qing Youth Choir”.

In August 2022, the Yuxi Nie Er Teacher Choir was established to cultivate a group of backbone teachers who know chorus, capable, and teaching. They have formed more than 50 student choirs in grass -roots schools to carry out chorus guidance for more than 3,000 students.The influence has driven nearly 160,000 primary and secondary school students to participate in chorus education, which improves students’ music literacy.In January 2024, the Yuxi Nie Er Teacher Choir popular the entire network with a “Xiaoya Luming”, and brightened the Yuxi cultural business card, singing the sound of Yuxi Aesthetic.

“The chorus is becoming a continuously bright business card in Yuxi, injecting vitality for the cultivation of artistic talents, the healthy growth of young people, cultivating sentiments, and shaping the soul.” Said Yang Jinhong, head of Yuxi Education and Sports Bureau, said.


Create 377 labor education practice base inside and outside the school

Spring light is just right. In the “Happy Little Farm” behind the teaching building of Yuxi First Primary School, a variety of vegetables and fruits are full of vitality.

“For the first time, I feel that cabbage is so sweet, and I also understand that the grain is not easy. We need to cherish it.” Li Runyuan, who has been studying in the sixth grade in Yuxi No. 1 Primary School Campus in Yuxi First Primary School, has remembered the first time he eaten the cabbage he planted.EssenceSince 2013, the landscape campus has used limited campus land resources to create a “happy little farm” of about 300 square meters as a base for the work of the school, and carry out labor courses and comprehensive labor courses such as planting, picking, agricultural products auction that meets the characteristics of children’s cognitive characteristics and agricultural product auction.Practical courses and interdisciplinary integration courses allow students to experience the value and significance of labor in labor practice.

In recent years, Yuxi City has issued the “Main Measures for Strengthening Labor Education in Primary and Middle Schools”. The city’s primary and secondary schools have overall courses such as comprehensive practice activities, labor technology, internship training, social practice and other related courses.The development of housekeeping, cooking, gardening, gardening, manual, planting, creative labor, vocational experience, intangible cultural heritage skills such as the transfer of housekeeping, craftsmanship, handicrafts, planting and breeding, creative labor, occupational experience, occupational experience, occupational experience, professional cultural heritage skills, and a comprehensive, practical and open labor education curriculum system.

The city has established a “one school, one list” to form a colorful labor field and create 377 labor education practice bases inside and outside the school.Actively explore the establishment of a team of labor practice education teachers with a part -time work and part -time work, hire 404 full -time teachers and increase the proportion of full -time teachers year by year.Personnel is a part -time teacher in labor education.

The cabbage brushing the circle of friends from the Yixi Eight Middle School Sanxue Ceremony, the “Air Farm” of the Wa Kaun Central Primary School, and the non -heritage master become the in -school labor education base of Internet celebrities and Cuifeng Central Primary School can hatch peacock … Now, the city has passed through the city.All counties (cities, districts) and schools have carried out a lot of practice in labor education. Students advocate the glorious cognition of labor, respect for labor, and labor, like a new wind, blowing through every corner of the campus.(Yunnan Daily reporter Pu Meiling Wang Luyao)

The business environment of Yuxi City enters the first part of the province

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Yuxi City Development and Reform Commission that in 2023 Yuxi City created a comprehensive evaluation of a first -class business environment and ranked fifth in the province, which was 6th from 2022.Thousands of people have the third in the province.

Since last year, Yuxi City has strived to build a “1+8+N” working system, which is connected and cooperates up and down, and has worked hard to implement key tasks.Establish a “2+N” business system, focus on the positive empowerment of digital government construction and social credit construction, and form a “main structure” supported by investment, government affairs, and market environmental support.

The city’s “five wheels” coordinated to strengthen project services, direct policies, convenient financing, talent guarantee, government -enterprise coordination, and create a good investment and development environment.Help 71,800 households to operate to enjoy the dividend of 628 million yuan in various policy dividends; the province’s first industrial chain “financial chain long system” and “financial service expert library”; the first public vocational school to set up technical schools; the first private enterprise to open private enterprisesHelping the difficult line of helping the enterprise -the mayor’s hotline “12345+7” enterprises reflect the difficulty of difficulties.

“One position” upgrade.Give full play to the role of the main position of the government service hall and create an upgraded version of government services.Establish a “government service experience officer” system at the municipal level to carry out in -depth experience activities of government services; Hongta District implements a new model of “Government Service Hall into the Commercial District” to realize the online joint business of “Electric Water and Qi Guangwang” throughout the business; JiangchuanThe district set up the province’s first village (community) “Electric Power Station” extended the enterprise to the bank outlets; the pilot of the Hongta District, the Eshan Yi Autonomous County and the Yimen County pilot to complete the “Four Certificate Mediter”, and the time limit for the saving of the enterprise was about 50%.The above; the pilot of the Xinping Yi Dai Autonomous County pilot to carry out the village -level gang -level service service service of township -level government service matters, and successfully promoted the “standard” of industrial projects to transfer reforms.(Yunnan Daily reporter Pu Meiling)

High -tech zone strengthens scientific and technological support to accelerate the cultivation of new productive forces

The reporter recently learned from the Management Committee of Yuxi High -tech Zone that in recent years, Yuxi High -tech Zone has adhered to the cultivation and growth of emerging industries and improved quality and efficiency of traditional industries.The three major industries of new energy batteries are dominated by the coordinated development of green food and digital economy, which continuously shapes the development of new kinetic energy and builds new advantages in development.

Classified guidance of high -quality high -quality “fertile soil”.For key enterprises in high -tech zones and enterprises in the cultivation database, “one -to -one” tracking services, centralized resources and service forces to support enterprises.At present, the park has 11 characteristic carriers of innovation and entrepreneurship; 66 households with high -tech enterprises, accounting for about one -third of the city; 205 technology -based small and medium -sized enterprises at all levels, 18 provincial -level specialized SMEs 18 households, national -level specializedFour new “Little Giant” companies.

Policy guidance and activation of innovation “engine”.In 2023, the key laboratory of Cat Mattili Yunnan Featured Forest Fruit Application Technology was officially approved. Nanbao Biotechnology and Lianlang Technology were identified as provincial enterprise technology centers.At present, the park has 7 academician (expert) workstations, 19 engineering technology research centers above the municipal level, 33 enterprise technology centers at or above the municipal level (20 provincial and 1 national level), and the Chinese Association of Science and TechnologyThe work base is established in the park.

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