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Yongyi Food’s Tomato Sand Glass Bottle fully automatic production line.Interviewee confession

From the field to the tip of the dining table, the “rivers and lakes” of Dongguan food “rivers and lakes” are famous.Houjie’s Tai Rana Rice Industry, Jiajia’s Jiamei, Hengli’s rice incense, Liaobu’s Baiweijia, Xu Ji Food (Xu Fuji) in Dongcheng, and Shilong’s Jinwei and other outstanding companies are stunned. The industry “”Eating” for self -evident.

After decades of baptism from the market, many Dongguan food companies have been updated with the changes of the times, and have stabilized the heel in the market.Data show that last year, Dongguan had 213 food industry enterprises, with a total output value of 120.174 billion yuan.At present, Dongguan has formed the core areas of the three major food industries of Ma Chung, Chashan, and Daoyu, and the advantages of “Made in Dongguan” are obvious.

Stars are bright

Well -known food companies gather

Fireworks in the world, caressing the most.Lawei, roast goosec, Dao Yanyu … Dongguan has been the famous hometown of fish and rice in the Pearl River Delta since ancient times. It is rich and diverse in products.

Since the reform and opening up, the traditional Dongguan cuisine has entered the production line and factories. With the rapid development of the market economy, the “small workshop” has become a “big granary”.At the same time, the food processing industry has become one of the five pillar industries in Dongguan, with huge volume and complete categories.

Entering Shang Chao, the exquisitely packaged candy in Xu Fuji came to the streets, and came to the street.At present, Dongguan has formed the core area of the food and beverage processing industry, which brings together a number of food and beverage processing manufacturing head enterprises such as Yijiali, COFCO, Xu Fuji, Phoenix, Huamei, True Kung Fu, Daoshan, Haidilao, etc.The pattern of gathered and integrated development of the entire industrial chain of food and beverages was formed.

The food industry is a traditional manufacturing industry in Dongguan, but tradition does not mean backward.According to statistics, the total industrial output value of Dongguan’s food and beverage processing and manufacturing industry increased from 90.9 billion yuan in 2020 to 120.174 billion yuan in 2023, an increase of 32.2%.This growth shows the strong development of Dongguan’s food industry in recent years.

The strength of Dongguan’s food industry is first to build a sound industrial chain system.Dongguan has more than 130 upstream and downstream enterprises in the food industry chain, covering supply chain companies, agricultural batch enterprises, aquaculture enterprises, etc.

The strong food industry in Dongguan is also reflected in the wide coverage and the initial benefit of gathering.Dongguan’s food and beverage processing and manufacturing industry covers many fields, including ingredients and raw materials, prefabricated dishes production, condiments and fermented product manufacturing, and dietary management services.The comprehensive development of these areas has led to the initial effects of the food industry in Dongguan.

It is worth mentioning that the Dongguan Municipal Government attaches great importance to the development of the food and beverage industry and formulates a series of support policies to provide enterprises with a good business environment.These policies not only reduce the operating costs of the enterprise, but also encourage enterprises to increase technological innovation and investment in R & D, and promote the development of the industry towards high -end and intelligent development.

In July last year, Dongguan issued the implementation of “Several Measures for the Development of the Food Industry in Dongguan City” (hereinafter referred to as “Several Measures”) to encourage food production enterprises to improve the level of food safety management.Yuan Reward; give a reward of 100,000 yuan at one time for the newly passed the integrity management system of the food industry enterprise.At the same time, enterprises are encouraged to carry out the value assessment of the brand value of food companies, and establish a list of self -owned brand cultivation enterprises, and each item does not exceed 100,000 yuan.

Dongguan also arranged 10 million yuan to support the construction of the food industry technology innovation center to strengthen basic research and results transformation.Support the “chain owner” enterprises in the field of food engineering leading the formation of technological innovation consortiums, linking high -quality innovative resources inside and outside the city, continuously continuously carried out technological innovation, and formed research and development projects into the major science and technology project library in Dongguan.

Intelligent manufacturing

Digital transformation of traditional industries

In the production workshop of Tai Grain Rice Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tai Liang”), neatly arranged machines are automated production in roaring sounds.After “intimate contact” of machines and traffic scale, enter the quality inspection control department, and then pass strict quality inspection such as sanitary quality, processing quality, appearance quality, cooking taste quality, nutritional quality, etc.Rice is transported to various households throughout the country in the best state.

“In the early days of the establishment of Tai Grain, we asked food research experts from all over the world to understand the world’s leading rice production and processing equipment and production experience.” Zeng Lifang, chairman of Tai Liang, said.In order to provide customers with high -quality southern rice, Tai Liang visited 38 high -quality rice production areas in the south, selected more than 20 high -quality rice planting bases, and imported rice color selection machines from abroad, which greatly reduced the rice rate of rice.At the same time, removing unlicensed particles, insect erosion, yellow particles and impurities in rice, and under the premise of ensuring nutrition, it can be full and selected.

Although the cultivation and processing of rice are more traditional, Tai Liang has been promoted to promote the technology of traditional agricultural products.In the production of rice, Tai Liang introduces the entire set of packaging production lines that can automatically perform metal testing, unpacking, boxing, weight detection, boxing, palletization, storage and other procedures to achieve fully automated production.

Tai Liang also set up a smart food surveillance system to achieve interconnection with the provincial platforms, deploy temperature collectors and environmental temperature and humidity sensors in each warehouse to achieve information collection and monitoring of temperature and humidity inside and outside the warehouse.Automatic warning.Intelligent monitoring, improve the reserves of the reserves and storage quality.

In the way of “Internet+Technology”, Tai Liang realizes digital operation of the entire production process, and was selected as a smart workshop project in Dongguan Industrial and Information Industry Development Special Fund in 2023.

It is not just Tai Liang. In recent years, Dongguan has made frequent actions in promoting the digital transformation of enterprises, and especially attaches great importance to promoting digital upgrades of traditional industries.Fortunately, from clothing and textiles to shoe and hats, to food processing, digital transformation has become higher and higher in the penetration of Dongguan’s traditional advantageous industries.According to incomplete statistics, as of the beginning of this year, about half of the 13,000 regulations in Dongguan have completed digital transformation.

The “Several Measures” released in July last year requires the preparation of the “Digital Transformation Guidelines for the Food Industry in Dongguan City” to promote the deep integration of modern information technology such as 5G, industrial Internet, and big data.Digital development of various links such as logistics.At the same time, the two major digital transformation and empowerment centers of Huawei and SAP are encouraged to formulate solutions for the transformation and upgrading of food companies.

In terms of funding support, if the food company has obtained the two -way integration management system, the maximum funding will be given 500,000 yuan; the establishment of a smart workshop will be given up to 5 million yuan; the establishment of a smart factories will be given 10 million yuan.

Brand Building

Guanchao Youpin accelerates the circle

The competition of modern enterprises is essentially the competition of the brand. With the development of the economy and society, the emergence of new consumer demand and consumer behavior, forcing the traditional food industry to continue to innovate.In July 2023, Dongguan issued the “Several Measures” to clearly strengthen industrial cluster and ecological construction, build a number of influential well -known brands and high -quality enterprises, and promote the quality upgrade of the food industry.

Jiu Xiang is also afraid of deep alleys. If the “human settings” of Dongguan food companies in the past are unknown high -quality products, then now they will turn to brands and storytelling.

In the previously released “2021 Dongguan Food Enterprise Trademark Brand Value Ranking”, Yongyi Food, Suifeng Group, Guofeng Grain and Oil, Huamen Foods … These familiar food processing industry brands have reached the “top 30”.Yongyi Food reached the top of the list with the brand value of 14.4113 million yuan, which fully reflects the brand advantages and competitive strength of the head enterprise.In addition, Dongguan also has a group of well -known brands that grow from local, such as the excellent Shengxinyuan of Houjie and the production of moon cakes, the local specialty food of Daoye, the leader of Lingnan Lingnan Liyuan, the leader of the Lingnan Lingnan, the deep processing of the Camphor Towea Guanyin Guanyin Green Litch, and so on.It has a certain reputation in the local area.

“This year we continue to participate in the” Food Expo · Fair “at the doorstep. Every time we come, there are new gains. Last year, there were many local Liman in Dongguan.Planting.A new upgrade will be launched in the near future. “

“Guanli gives a story of each Guanyin green litchi.” This is the slogan tailored by Lingnan Liyuan for Guanyin Green.As one of the top ten high -quality lychee in Guangdong, Guanyin Green is a high -quality lychee special variety vigorously promoted by Guangdong Province. It has successively won the green food sign issued by the China Green Food Development Center and the China Litchi Industry Alliance “National High -quality Litchi Ring Tournament Gold”.

Before building a brand, Guanyin Green is actually known.”Guanyin Green was originally known as Rhino Horn. It has been loved by locals for a century, but because of the lack of brands and dissemination, no one is promoted.” Wang Minkang, chairman of Zhangmutou Town Industry and Commerce Federation and chairman of Lingnan Liyuan.

Since 2010, Zhang Mu has started to build the “Guanyin Green” brand. It has continued to invest in many years, and the brand effect has been prominent.As a leading litchi company in Zhangmutou Town, Lingnan Liyuan has been planting lychee since 1992. Now it has more than 1,000 acres of Guanyin Green Original Litchi Garden, with an annual output of about 200,000 kg.In recent years, Lingnan Lili Garden has raised huge sums of money to build litchi -drying houses, litchi frozen libraries, wine cellars, flagship stores, lychee tourist service centers, and food factories.The crispy lychee cookies, lychee snowflakes, sweet but not greasy Guanyin green litchi moon cakes, dried litchi fruit, and litchi vinegar, lychee wine, frozen -dried lychee, etc., forming the development of the entire industry chain, driving the surrounding fruit farmers to become richEssence

In addition, Lingnan Liyuan has also used the power of e -commerce to make Wanli sell to the whole country with the strength of e -commerce.It will be sold with E -commerce platforms such as SF and to sell Guanyin Green Fresh Fruit, so that more consumers can taste the sweetness of this tongue. “Zhong Liyan introduced.Relying on the strong supporting capabilities of the city, Dongguan Enterprises have made their efforts through independent innovation and embrace e -commerce, and the online and offline omni -channel layout has told new brand stories and continued to polish the “golden signboard” of Dongguan’s food industry.

From the lack of independent brands to famous brands such as clouds, Dongguan’s food industry has gone through extraordinary journey, and many well -known brands such as Xu Fuji, Huamei, Baili, Jiajiamei, and Jinwei were born.Gone rooting Dongguan, radiating throughout the country, and “food” power.

■ Sample

Xinyuan Food:

Traditional food

Play new tricks

What derivatives can Chenpi sausage, Chenpi cakes, Chenpi red bean paste … Chenpi can do?In the booth of Dongguan Xinyuan Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinyuan Food”), you can find the answer.

As an old friend of the “Food Expo · Pre -Expo”, this time Xinyuan Foods carry a variety of fist products such as sausage and “Chenpi+” series of products.Wang Leqiang, deputy general manager of Xinyuan Food Sales, introduced, “In the past, the effects of the exhibition were very good. There was a good platform for us to show and spread the products, and we can also understand the development of other food companies.”

Xinyuan Food, founded in 1966, started from making soy sauce. It has expanded to Multi -categorian Lingnan Food.As a company specializing in production, research and development, production, sales, inheritance and development of traditional regional food, Xinyuan Food’s main products include sausage, bacon, egg rolls, moon cakes, rice dumplings, cakes, candy, litchi dried, dried longan, fish, fish, fishDry, quick -frozen dishes, canned soups and desserts, currently there are more than 200 products on sale, which meets consumer demand in different seasons and occupies a certain share in the local market.

“People take food as the sky, in the final analysis, they want to produce safe, delicious and high -quality foods for consumers.explain.After nearly sixty years of development, Xinyuan Food has been in innovation, actively explored new food retail, developed new products and new formats, and made traditional enterprises rejuvenating new vitality.

“In order to meet the new generation of young consumer needs, we innovate and explore in inheritance, seize the needs of consumer upgrades, and stimulate innovation vitality.” Wang Leqiang said that while inheriting the authentic flavor of non -heritage products and Lingnan foodThe combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern production is based on market demand and produces Lingnan Food Specialty for consumers.

In 2022, Xinyuan Food invested in the prefabricated dishes and invested in the new automated quick -frozen food production line and canned food production line.Fresh pots, delicious dishes are well -ended, and you can eat it with peace of mind and reassuring.

“After we launched the Chenpi sausage and Chenpi bean paste moon cakes, the products were very popular with consumers, so we successively launched the” Chenpi+”series of products such as Chenpi red bean paste and Chenpi abalone, and displayed and sold at this exhibition.”Wang Leqiang introduced.

In addition, in terms of packaging form and brand image, the company also invited the design agency to work hard on the packaging and integrate ingenuity.For example, the packed of Chenpidou Mooncakes, which tells the story of “Mr. Chen Pi” and “Miss Red Bean”, and the simple and atmospheric meteor milk yellow moon cake packaging is the design style that consumers like.Among them, the meteor milk yellow moon cake packaging also won the 2022IF design award.

In terms of sales channels, Xinyuan Foods also actively embrace new trends. Opening up sales channels such as Tmall and Douyin online, creating new retail brands Xinyuan · Hangye, integrating food retail and offline experience, for enterprisesSustainable development adds new motivation.

Based on “integrity, quality, inheritance”, stacked the “Xin” pyramid and traced back to the “source”, which achieved the golden signboard of “Xinyuan Food”.”” Chinese famous cakes “,” Chinese characteristic moon cakes “,” Chinese pastry excellent brand 100 “,” Famous Trademarks in Guangdong Province “,” National Mooncake Quality and Safety Enterprise “,” Consumer Trust Brand “and many other honors.

In order to better inherit and spread the traditional food culture of Lingnan, in 2016, Xinyuan Food built the Dongguan Xinyuan Food Culture Museum.

“At present, our museum receives more than 300,000 tourists each year. Visitors are mainly from the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.The field. “Wang Leqiang said.With Dongguan as the main position, Xinyuan Food has gradually moved towards the country. “I hope that in the future, it will continue to make a good reputation and make the brand of Xinyuan even more shiny.” Wang Leqiang looked forward to it.

■ Read the food and beverage industry in Dongguan

● 120174 billion yuan

In 2023, 213 food industry enterprises in Dongguan’s city regulations

The total output value of the rules is 120.174 billion yuan (accounted for 5.08%) increased by 3.8%year -on -year

The value -added of the industry is 16.304 billion yuan (3.15%) of 10%year -on -year

● 80% of domestic enterprises account for 80%

At present, the food industry in Dongguan’s food industry is not high.

Among the 213 regulations, 80%of domestic enterprises account for 20%of foreign -funded enterprises

● The core area of the 3 city -level food industry cluster

Dongguan’s food and beverage industry focuses on town streets such as Ma Chung, Chashan, Daoyu, Liaobu, Dongcheng and other town streets.

● Multiple geographical signs

There are currently 2 national agricultural product geographical indications:

Dongguan lychee, Ma Chung Banana

Three national geographical indications protection products:

Wanxiang, Dongguan Mi Fan (“Jinyan”), Dongguan La Sa

National Geographical Symbols Proof of Trademarks:

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