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Sat. May 25th, 2024
Original title: Standardize food labels to make the shelf life information clear at a glance
In order to facilitate consumers to clearly identify pre -packaging food labels, on April 23, the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau organized the optimization of pre -packaging food labels.The activity encourages and guides the province’s food production enterprises and small workshops to standardize label labeling behavior, and actively create a trust, thoughtful, safe, and assured food consumption environment.(April 25 “China Market Supervision”)
The location is not easy to find, the label is not clear, easy to eliminate and wipe off … At present, the font size of the production date of some food packaging is too small, and it is difficult to read;The difficulty of identification, especially the old people look laborious.
The production date is an important information for consumers to determine whether the commodity is still in the shelf life.Clear and easy -to -read food date labels can better improve consumer purchase experience.The production date is not easy to find, infringement of consumers’ right to know and choice, and the regulatory authorities need to be regulated according to law.Standardizing the date of pre -packaging food is the embodiment of respecting and guaranteeing the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and an important foundation for the healthy development of the food industry.On the basis of formulating and improving relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible, further strengthen the supervision of food safety, and investigate and deal with the labeling methods that do not comply with laws and regulations and national standards in accordance with the law.On the one hand, supervise manufacturers to increase the attention of the food date label, and increase the accuracy and clarity of the production date and the shelf life logo; on the other hand, the standard standards of food labels must have more scientific classification and refinement, regulatory authorities, regulatory authorities, and regulators.It is necessary to increase guidance and supervision, so that enterprises have a clearer direction path, improve the standardization of food labels, and ensure that consumers consume clearly.
The food date label is the most direct reference basis for consumers to buy decision -making, and it is also the part that consumers can directly know about food safety.It is necessary to refine the provisions and unified standards for food production date, and present it to consumers in a more eye -catching way.Only by fully respecting consumers’ right to know and choice can we better establish corporate reputation and win the favor of the market.(Wu Xue’an)
Source: Labor Non -Report

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