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Sat. May 25th, 2024

The law returning Chunhui gradually, Vientiane has begun to update, spring means alternation and update, and also means growth and cultivation.Haining Economic Development Zone Experimental Primary School held the sixth grade graduation class parent meeting at 18:30 pm on March 15th. The meeting was supported and recognized by all parents.In order to further do a good job in “heart” education, cultivate “new” children, strengthen communication between schools and parents, and timely grasp the state of studying and living at home, forming schools and familiesThe educational network of the trinity of society has played a role in promoting the comprehensive development of students.

First of all, Vice President Sun Jing delivered a speech on behalf of the school, thanks to the parents and friends who participated in the meeting in the busy time, and thank them for their active cooperation and dedication to the school’s work in the past six years.: Care with your heart, eliminate negative emotions in time; accompany them with heart, strengthen extracurricular management; ask children to firmly establish learning momentum.Everything was too late to love himself in time. Sun school sincerely and enthusiastically delivered warm applause from parents.

     Moisturizing is silent, saying that he is taught.Excellent parents can continue to work hard to strengthen their growth, lead their children to become the best self, and also affect every parent around them.With this parent meeting, the school grandly commended 15 outstanding parents. It was the efforts of these parents to pay for excellent students and excellent classes.In his speech on behalf of the outstanding parents, Zhou Junle also admitted the importance of family education. The family is the fertile soil and cradle of children’s growth. They will more actively talk about their body education and empower their growth.

      Teacher Xu Yanfeng is a senior instructor of family education, a mental health consultant, and a parent -child instructor of love natural vitality system.At today’s parent meeting, he was passionate to bring us a lecture on “Breeding Complete Personality”.The lectures are divided into three sections: he starts with three questions to guide parents and friends to reflect: What are the parents’ parenting troubles?What is the parents in the eyes of the child?What is the starting line of children?Through interaction with parents, Mr. Xu hopes that parents understand that the education of parents is crucial for their children. It is the fundamental education of children. Only parents learn their children well can their children go up every day.Next, he intuitively inspired the parents through a case image. The core of communication is “discern” rather than “debate”. The attitude of the parents in communication is the basis of success.The more positive.Finally, through the analysis of a tree, what did the child cultivate the child to cultivate the theme of this lecture?Love, self -confidence, dream, self -discipline, gratitude, persistence … is the direction and goal of family education.Teacher Xu’s lectures are high -house, and the concept of parenting is clear and warm. Fortunately!Get it!

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