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Sat. May 25th, 2024

Hunan Daily All -Media Reporter Zhang Chunxiang Correspondent Pan Zhiqiang Xiao Ling Zhang Lu Xiaoqi

March 25, 2024 is the 29th “National Safety Education Day”.Recently, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens across Hunan have actively carried out drills, covering campus bullying, fire drills, emergency rescue, traffic safety, etc. It aims to promote the safety education of primary and secondary schools and reduce the incidence of casualties in children.

Yongan Town, Yong’an Town, Liuyang City, organized the “Safety Knowledge Breakthrough, strive to be a small security officer” activity, and set up traffic safety, fire safety, anti -telecommunications fraud, anti -sexual assault safety, drug prevention knowledge, anti -drowning and prevention of prevention, prevention and prevention of prevention.Seven levels such as campus bullying, organizing students to learn security knowledge and improve safety awareness through real -life levels, knowledge answers, and question answers.Public security and fire protection professionals were also invited to answer questions for students. 

Changjun · Liuyang Experimental School Primary School organized a safety education day preaching activity.Teachers led Zhang Yiyou, Zhang Xiangyao, and other students as school safety lecturers, and went to the school, streets, shops, rivers and other students in active activities to conduct a safety “small instructions” to preach and shoot.To better distinguish danger and improve self -safety protection awareness. 

On the afternoon of March 22, Gao Zhaohui, the senior sheriff of the Daolin Brigade of the Hunan Provincial High Police Department, came to the Shazitang Elementary School and the Beauty Campus to conduct a lecture on traffic safety themes for third -year players.The lecture is based on the detailed cases of safety accidents around the campus as the starting point. Combined with the methods and characteristics of the traffic travel of primary and secondary school students, it is easy to understand in an easy -to -understand way.Waiting for multiple angles to give preaching, the teachers and students of the whole school are advocated. Starting from me, the model complies with traffic safety rules.The team members are attentive and listen carefully.The seeds of “safe” take root in everyone’s hearts, and build the first line of defense of safe travel.

In order to give full play to the court’s publicity and education functions and effectively improve the awareness of safety precautions and self -defense of primary and secondary school students, on the afternoon of March 22, Zhuzhou City Court of Lotang District Court joined the Zhuzhou Daily Campus Journalist Club to carry out “protect you with the law” -Safety Education Day of Elementary and Middle and Middle School Students.The reporters of Hongqi Road Primary School campus entered the court, and the “zero distance” felt the majesty of the law.The theme of the Police Police on the Criminal Court on the theme of the “Lifei Law Law ‘Come” was a small reporter on a small lecture on the law, from “what is the serious harm of sexual assault, what to do with sexual assault, what to encounter sexual assault”, and campusFrom the perspective of bullying, I explained the relevant legal knowledge to the students, telling them how to protect themselves, and stay away from illegal infringement. 

On the morning of March 21, the Yueyang Fire Rescue Detachment and the Traffic Police Detachment of the Yueyang Public Security Bureau went into Chaoyang Elementary School to hold safety education activities. By carrying out safety knowledge preaching and on -site interactive experience, the comprehensive safety quality and self -rescue ability of primary and secondary school students were improved.

“Children, do you know how much is the fire call?” “Is it dangerous for children to play fire?” During the event, fire propagandists explained to the children in detail how to report the fire alarm by question and answer, how to escape and self -rescue the fire field, etc.Common sense of fire protection.During the interactive link, for the hidden dangers of traffic safety during the school on the way to school, the propagandist used fire trucks as “props” to allow students to stand in a blind spot, and then invited a classmate to sit in the driving seat, through the window and the post -latter windows and the post -latter.Dozens of students who are observed in the blind spots are observed, allowing them to experience the blind spots of the vehicle’s sight at the perspective of the driver, and to perceive the danger of the blind zone.”It’s really terrible! Those classmates are obviously next to the car, but I can’t see one by one.” Liu, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, said with a lingering heart that he must stay away from it in the future. 

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