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Sat. May 25th, 2024

Polar News commentator Wen Qingman

Quote from the guests to enjoy Chu Feng Han Yun.Today, the Marathon champion of the Wuhan Marathon was born in 2024, and the results broke the competition record.The men’s group is John Mumbru Miudi from Kenya, with a score of 2 hours, 9 minutes and 13 seconds.12 seconds.

Hanma starts (Photo by Jiomu Journalist Wang Yongsheng)

The spring breeze all the way, full of spring.30,000 global players crossed the mountains and sea, gathered in Wuhan, and stood on the runway of Hanma.Although the full length of 42.195 kilometers, although the starting point has been adjusted, the classic lines basically remain unchanged.Along the line of Hanma, Wuhan’s natural landscape and humanistic weather can be seen.

Run up and feel the tenderness of the cherry blossom.Run a marathon and fall in love with a city.This year, Hanma’s holding time was slightly advanced compared to previous years. At this time, it was the most beautiful cherry blossom season in Wuhan at this time.Cherry blossoms are gorgeous, spring is full of garden.500,000 cherry blossoms are full of the city. As Dong Yuhui said, one city of flowers, two rivers of pink daisy, three towns are colorful, cherry blossoms are full of branches, and poems are landed.Under the rain, the spring pictures are engraved in their minds and memory.

Run up and feel the enthusiasm of the city.Under the boom of national fitness, a city’s attitude towards sports is also shaping the temperament and image of the city.From the audiences who shouted along the way to the meticulous service, from the full reliable guarantee to the runners of passion, a series of activities around the marathon sports reflect the carefulness and intentions of the city in Wuhan, and also positive for urban construction and other positives.The role of driving help will help promote the national fitness public service system to a higher level.

Run up and feel the passion of sports.Cross the sea of flowers and run towards the future.Marathon is not only a long -distance running, but also symbolizes the valuable marathon spirit -no matter how far the road is, maintain a strong vitality, and persist in reaching.It is said that there are no higher mountains than people, no longer than foot.Running on the way forward, gritting your teeth, constantly surpassing yourself, and keeping bravely forward, you will usher at the end of the end point, all the way.

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