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Sat. May 25th, 2024

Original title: Creation Week and the first carrier of the new product work together to join the new situation- (topic)

Leading fashion definition trends, 2024 autumn and winter Shanghai Fashion Week opened (theme)

Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Xu Jinghui) The main visual picture composed of red and blue trend shines on the banks of the Huangpu River, and the Xintiandi Hongting Show lights brightly light.Integrating Art Deco’s architectural style, the women’s clothing brand rooted in Shanghai Rudham’s opening show, playing “Modern Shanghai Trilogy”, with stuffing, Chinese satin, human characteris and other materials, as well as lace, pearl and other elements.The essence of Haipai culture integrates modern clothing, and then describes new Chinese aesthetics.


The local brand of the opening show of Fashion Week Raram, with the theme of “Modern Shanghai Trilogy”, interprets the retro trend of “New Chinese style”.Reporter Yuan Jing was taken by Yuan Jing

The show also opened the prelude to the 2024 autumn and winter Shanghai Fashion Week.From Xintiandi to Locke’s Bund source, from Im Shanghai Changning International to the West Bank Art Center, the first show, the first exhibition, and the starting of the new product, the first exhibition, and the launch of the major cities will help Shanghai to create a fashion capital that leads the fashion and define trends.

The theme of Shanghai Fashion Week this season will create a fashion event that links the city.At present, as an important business carrier of Shanghai Fashion Week and popularity, the 2024 Autumn and Winter Mode Shanghai Clothing and Clothing Exhibition has taken the lead in starting a new season of ordering in Changning International, Im Shanghai, with the theme of “Morning Light Fashion · Rongying Oriental”.The meaning of the industry is better.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Fashion Week Organizing Committee, this season Fashion Week will radiate Huangpu, Jing’an, Changning, Xuhui, and Pudong 5 central urban areas.Co -worked together to enter the new situation, and the popular landmarks and business districts will gather super high popularity due to Fashion Week.

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