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Sat. May 25th, 2024

  China News Service, Beijing News, March 24th. The spring tide surge in the capital, and the fashion has emerged.With AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week closing show “Clothing · Sky Top Flake” -The Li Wei Senior Fashion Conference, AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week ended successfully.

  This time, the fashion, science and technology, business and other dimensions, inject the connotation of the new era to the capital’s fashion, and contribute to Beijing’s fashion power in cultivating new quality productivity, helping the rise of the national tide, and activating consumer potential.As one of the key activities in the Beijing Consumption Season, AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week has written a new chapter in the capital fashion with the exciting activities such as trend release, business exhibitions, digital fashion.

  On the closing show, Li Wei, a head of the Department of Dyeing and Weaver, the School of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, Li Wei, a doctoral supervisor, and the Chinese textile non -heritage promotion ambassador, brought the “clothing person · sky terrain” senior fashion conference, cleverly filament, dyed weavingWhen traditional Chinese non -heritage arts are integrated with modern design concepts, the bridge connecting natural, technology, fashion and art with clothing is built with clothing, and the world view of landscape painting is reflected in the far -reaching of the Beijing Fashion Week.conception.

  The beauty of culture is deep and farmed

  Beijing Fashion Week adheres to the concept of “fashion+culture”, further cultivates traditional culture, and blooms modern fashion.This season, Beijing Fashion Week has gathered well -known brands and designers to show cultural self -confidence with a variety of high -quality quality shows.

  Designer Xiong Ying and Chinese style high -end fashion brand Gaia Legend 2024AW “Huaxia Bihua” series, combining traditional Chinese elements and modern tailoring skills, exciting for this season’s fashion week;The cheongsam high -level custom conference leads the new revolution of cheongsam, allowing the world to see the innovative integration of traditional Chinese aesthetics and modern aesthetics; the international women’s fashion brand Joya Ma “Dragones” series, integrates the traditional elements of the Chinese lunar calendar, create noble spirit for modern independent women.Luxury fashion feast; J’s Ho Hao Jia’s high -level clothing conference to open a new chapter of the elegant and environmentally friendly fashion of contemporary women with a new perspective; the original independent designer brand SHANG1 BY Sungyi 2024 autumn and winter series with “border exploration” as the core design concept,Exploring the true personality needs of modern women and expressing the expression of beauty; the “Design for the People -Following Nature” teachers and students’ excellent work shows brought by the Beijing Academy of Clothing, which integrates the ancient Chinese “heaven and man unite” and “conforming to nature”.Philosophy, exploring the integration of fashion and natural aesthetics.

  This time, Fashion Week has launched a new project “Wonderful Plan”, and a joint line of front -line art study abroad centers, jointly planned a joint fashion conference, selects 31 designers and brands, released a new design series, and is committed to supporting supportThe college’s emerging power design power supports Chinese young designers to grow.

  The power of science and technology climb high and climb

  On top of the “cloud tide” painting drawn by technology, new productive productivity is given to lead the capital’s fashion industry to accelerate the upgrade of peak climbing.AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week set up a digital fashion tide, explore innovation exploration into the “outside the border”, and use the technological power blessing platform to help designers and brands quickly open market cognition through digitalization.

  In addition to the direct -line brand trend release, you can also enjoy the brand’s short videos, follow the other fashionistas to visit the exhibition, unlock the fashion password, and have deep thoughts in a group of virtual clothing studios, digital pioneer artists, etc.In digital fashion works, start a imagination of the fashion revolution: Phantom System’s expression of cultural connotation through virtual fashion has reached sensory resonance with the viewer; Vikin combines liquid metal, lucidum laser material with clothing with digital technology;SAMSTUDIO explores the expression of fashion in the era of artificial intelligence; Xueqing Fantasy builds the “Star Night Butterfly” in the virtual fashion world; Youis combines ancient crafts, digital technology with modern fashion to create a “golden forging dream” …Mowing

  The national wind image AI digital people “Jin” as the leading official of non -heritage fashion numbers, becoming the highlight of the fashion weeks to show the charm of the national tide with digital technology, leading the innovation and inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

  The wave of business is wide and rushed

  This season’s fashion week through fashion and consumption linkage, open up a broader income conversion link space to help promote the construction of Beijing International Consumer Center cities with high quality.

  During the period from March 16th to 24th, this Flowing Week is based on the theme of “Yue Enjoying the New Instance and Gathering Beautiful”.Twelve stores, 18 shopping malls such as the Department Store Building of Wangfujing Group, Dong’an Market, Changan Shopping Mall, and brands such as Xuelian, Beijing Gongmei, Pure Touch, Copper Cattle and other brands under the Beijing Fashion Holding Group to create a new diversified commercial experience and sales, salesData have been improved year -on -year, effectively stimulating the vitality of spring fashion consumer market.

  The official supporting exhibition Week UP Trend Exhibition simultaneously promotes the implementation of fashion business, gathered well -known brands such as Jin Sheng Zhang Yichao, Chu Hexiang, Miyama, Raymond, China Ice and Snow, Atleo, etc.Consumption upgrade.

  As an important part of the industrial chain, Beijing Fashion Week not only realizes the integration and optimization and upgrading of the internal industry chain, but also is committed to promoting the common integration of regional resources and cross -border resources to create a community of value.Wanda Commercial Management Beijing Urban Company, which has a wide and successful commercial layout in Beijing and Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei regions in Beijing, and Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, to promote the coordinated development of the fashion industry chain in the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei region;The coordinated cooperation between Beijing and the Yangtze River Delta has driven the regional economic growth and industrial upgrading of the two places and more.

  Empower the fashion design with art, cultivate urban life with culture, guide the intelligence spirit with science and technology, and promote value value -added with cross -border promotion -AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week relies on the platform for innovation and surging.Exploring, in the integration of art, mood, spirituality, and integration, lead the capital’s fashion industry to further enhance the kernel energy and help the construction of Beijing International Consumer Center.

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