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Sat. May 25th, 2024

  On March 20, the Public Resources Trading Center of Caidian District successfully cooperated with the Hefei Public Resources Trading Center to complete the long -range review of the “Hefei City Key Bureau 2024 Municipal Road and Bridge Project Power Reporting Project”.The project budget is 15 million yuan, only one day.This is another successful attempt to continuously improve the level of bid evaluation in Caidian District and optimize the business environment in the bidding field.Up to now, Caidian District has launched remotely bid evaluation 9 times.

  In recent years, the Public Resources Trading Center of Caidian District has continued to upgrade, improves software and hardware facilities, optimizes the experience of market players, and creates new services and new services.

  ”Hard” facilities highlight functionality and applicability

  The new office building of the Public Resources Trading Center of Caidian District has an area of about 6,000 square meters, with 10 electronic bidding rooms and 12 electronic bidding rooms. The review expert lounge, monitoring room, confidential room, archive room and other function rooms., Simultaneously realize the intelligent upgrade of the opening of the bidding field, and the design of “hard” facilities deployment design strives to focus on functionality and applicability.

  ”Soft” facilities highlight digitization and intelligence

  The center continues to strengthen the construction of electronic and intelligent trading platforms, and use digital and information to improve service quality.The use of virtualized cloud server, remote opening monitoring standards, information inquiry and other systems to achieve electronic audio and video synchronization, full coverage, and zero blind area monitoring, and realize the resource and information sharing of provincial, municipal, and district -level public resource trading platforms.At present, the center has fully realized the electronicization of the whole process and the “non -seeing the bid” in the field of engineering construction and government procurement, and the “non -seeing” rate has reached 100%.

  ”True” service highlights the strong wind and the people’s style

  The center work on the “real” service, and implement management measures such as online pre -bidding rooms and “commitment+credit system” to allow agency to run less and zero.At the same time, the bidding plan was released in advance, proactively disclosed project information, and ensured that the market entities were able to participate in the bidding and bidding activities equally, and provided high -quality bid evaluation environment for the subjects of all parties.

  Continuously improved the level of bid evaluation in transactions, and established a normalized cooperative relationship between remote bid evaluation of cross -provinces and cross -regional districts.Actively promote the “station -based bidding” and explore the bid evaluation mechanism such as “remote and station -based and bidding” to effectively curb human intervention and dark box operations during the bidding process.Standardize trading behaviors, adhere to “warm notifications”, strengthen personnel management, continue to implement standardized and standardized management of platform service behavior, and comprehensively improve public service awareness, service image, and service quality.

  Source: Public Resources Trading Center in Caidian District

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