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Reporter Li Xuemeng
On May 17, the province’s leading cadre warning education conference was held in Xining, and the province’s ecological environmental protection, engineering construction, medical and health and other key areas of disciplinary violations were reported.Caused a strong response.Everyone agrees that the convening of the province’s leading cadres to warn the education conference is more intuitive to carry out the vivid practice of party discipline and education, in -depth study and implementation of the “Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China”.It is necessary to fully implement the spirit of the meeting, through the case, the discipline of the case, the case, the case, the case, and the case, often knock on the ideological alarm, the string of discipline, and the awe of the awe, and further hold the main responsibility.Keep the red line of discipline.
Typical reverse as a “living textbook”
Frequent ideological alarm clock
Carrying out warning education is an important part of party discipline learning and education, and is also a powerful grasp of party discipline and education.The opposite is typical, revealing the problem of corruption, reflecting the party spirit, torture is the original mission, the political loyalty is tested, and it reflects the strict governance of the party.The warning, the “police” is the phenomenon and problem, the party spirit and the behavior of “shown”, the people who are deterred are “not converging”, “not to close”, and “unknown”, and educate party members and cadres in the province.
“I will learn from it deeply, continuously strengthen theoretical armed forces, strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, and conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting.’Requirements, combined with party discipline learning and education, further strictly strictly make political discipline and political rules, and take the opportunity to rectify the pilot work of franchise.Responsibility, more integrity and self -discipline, and strive to promote the high -quality development of Sanjiangyuan National Park.
Yan Dawei, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Provincial Emergency Management Department, said that the Party Committee of the Provincial Department of Emergency Management will carefully study and implement the spirit of the meeting, and take the negative typical cases of the opposite example, especially Han Xianghui.2. Promote reform with the case, promote the treatment with the case, and educate the majority of party members and cadres Ming Dade, Yan Gongde, and Private Ethics, to be political and firm “understanding people”, “old real persons”, and “clean people” with consistent words and deeds”” “.It is necessary to strengthen the responsibility of the party’s main body and the “one position and two responsibilities”. Under the above rate, the strict management control is under the implementation of the “ten strict prohibitions” requirements as the starting point to prevent micro -duration and righteousness.healthy growth.
Take the “six disciplines” as a high -voltage line
Frequent discipline string
From the six leading cadres seriously violated the spiritual issues of the eight central regulations, the special education rectification of the case was promoted and reformed, and the province’s work style was prominently rectified to the fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 14th session of the Provincial Party Committee, and then the national “two sessions” media this year.On the open day, the Provincial Party Committee has brightly lit a consistent and unswerving determination to govern the party.To use “six disciplines” as a high -pressure line, we must strictly adhere to political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, mass discipline, work discipline, and life discipline, and to be political and firm “understanding people”.”Cleaning people”, “intimate people” trusting in the masses, “rules” who perform their duties and perform their duties, and “pure people” with noble morality.
“The” six must “requirements put forward by Secretary Chen Gang have firmly determined and found the direction for us to carry out party discipline learning and education.” Chen Yongxiang, secretary of the Party Group and director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, said, “We will deeply understand the spiritual essence of party discipline learning and education.Take the party discipline learning and education as an important political task of the present and in the future, and resolutely unify the thinking and actions into the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee.Practice, practice ‘cadres must do, clear their ideas, and strictly discipline their own “, promote scientific and technological innovation with party discipline learning and education, and carry out in -depth operations of the” eight -type’ units.
Jin Shengshou, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that as a leading cadre of party members, the spirit of the general secretary of the Supreme Leadership of the Supreme Leadership of the Supreme Leadership of the Supreme Leadership, adheres to the case, adheres to the case, and the alarm bells will be resolutely carrying responsibilities.Starting from the aspects of ideological education, style discipline, discipline supervision, etc., we will effectively strictly run the party through the entire process of strictly governing the party in agricultural and rural areas.Careful grasp of party discipline and education, in -depth implementation of the requirements of “cadres must work, clear ideas, and strict discipline”, and strive to forge the “three -rural” cadre team of loyalty and clean responsibilities.Break down the problem of incorrect wind and corruption around the masses, implement the party’s policy of strong farmers and farmers and farmers, and promote the high -quality development of agricultural and rural areas with strict discipline requirements.
Take the governance of the party as the internal affairs
Frequent awe
Party members and leading cadres must take the party governance and officials as their internal and responsibilities, and truly make the party governing officials strict and reality.It is necessary to take the lead in grasping discipline education, take the lead in pressing the responsibility, take the lead in adhering to the above rate, take the lead in implementing the system implementation, strengthen self -restraint, conduct pressure layer by layer, grasp the team and bring the team, so as to make the iron regulation power, the ban to the banThe prestige, truly creating a responsible and upright environment.
Fu Xueli, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Provincial Health and Health Commission, said it was shocking and distressed about the case reported by the province’s leadership cadres to warn the education conference.He said that as a party member and cadre, he must talk about politics, discipline, and an honest person who follows the rules.In the next step, we must follow the requirements of the meeting, and in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee’s “cadres must work, clear ideas, and strict discipline”, manage yourself, be a man, and work hard.In the field of in charge, we must continue to promote the centralized rectification of corruption in the field of pharmaceuticals and the centralized rectification actions of the unrequited winds and corruption issues around the masses, and create a strong work atmosphere in the industry.
“We will learn from the case and resolutely unify our thoughts and actions to the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee’s deployment. We will conscientiously implement Secretary Chen Gang’s” six must ‘requires, continue to strengthen party spirit exercise, effectively build a line of thought, and resolutely carry the control of the party to govern the party to govern the party.The party’s political responsibility, strictly under the jurisdiction of self -discipline, strict responsibility, and strict management, study, discipline, know the discipline and discipline, and conscientiously practice the “cadres must work, clear ideas, and self -discipline.”The party member and cadre team of the party.
At present, Qinghai is in the best development period in history, providing a broad stage for party members and cadres at all levels to show their talents and exhibitions.Everyone said that we must take the opportunity of party discipline learning and education, comprehensively implement the deployment arrangements of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 14th Provincial Party Committee, use iron discipline to forge strong organizations, build strong teams, and strive to make new Chinese -style modern Qinghai new chapters to make new chapters of Chinese -style Qinghai chapters.More contributions.
“Qinghai Daily” (May 18, 2024, 2nd edition: News in the province)
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