Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
China News Network Shanxi News, April 26th. In the past few days, Beizhang Township, Wenshui County, Shanxi Province continued to carry out environmental sanitation remediation activities, and promoted the improvement of human living environment to the new level with practical actions.
In Zhengjiazhuang Village, Beizhang Township, the villagers spontaneously picked up tools such as broom, shovel, pliers, garbage bags and other tools to thoroughly remove the village roads, ditch, public activity venues, deadly dead corners, and the busy figures formed in the village for formationA beautiful landscape.
On Binhe West Road, road shoulder rectification, improvement of greening, and the rapid development of roadside walls have progressed rapidly, the road environment has improved significantly, and roads and roads have been upgraded again, creating a more comfortable and beautiful road environment for the people’s travel.
Bei Zhangxiang will continue to increase environmental sanitation, advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle, health and health habits, further promote the long -term mechanism of environmental sanitation work, continue to promote the improvement of the living environment, upgrade the effectiveness of rectification, and create clean and beautiful beauty.The livable rural environment continues to improve the happiness and satisfaction of the masses.(over)
(Yang Ruxia)

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