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Nuclear research facilities open to the public

Due to the characteristics of invisible and inconsistent radiation, people often know very little, and information dissemination of radiation is also prone to rumors. Some people even talk about “spoke” color changes. Is this really necessary?

April 15th is National Security Education Day.On the same day, about 60 people from Taiyuan City’s key unit radiation safety management personnel, citizen representatives, and municipal ecological environmental system staff for the first time visited the only comprehensive scientific research institution specializing in radiation protection research and application -China RadiationThe Institute of Protection, visited the nuclear environmental simulation facilities represented by the wind tunnel on the spot, and the R & D and support laboratory of nuclear emergency radiation protection protection.

Close to nuclear radiation

“Nuclear security is an important part of the national security system.” Yang Yapeng, assistant to the director of the Emergency Institute of the China Institute of Radiation Protection, built a lecture on a nuclear radiation emergency capacity construction, which opened the prelude to the safety publicity and education activities of the day.

“In our lives, radiation is everywhere, mobile phones, computers, TVs, and even the sun are radiating. In fact, radiation is not terrible. You can find natural radioactives in the human body.It affects.

He said that natural radiation is the most radiating of the human body. It has a per capita effective dose of the public caused by about 2.4msv, while medical irradiation is only 0.4msv.Nuclear energy production is 3 levels lower than medical examination, only 0.0002MSV.

Zhonglongyuan is the only unit in China that can carry out nuclear environment simulation research in China. It has a nuclear environmental simulation scientific research platform represented by environmental wind caves. It can carry out the radioactive material environment migration simulation of radioactive substance environment migration and simulation released by the normal operation of nuclear facilities and the conditions of accident conditions.The research methods are comprehensive, facility simulation capabilities and measurement technology are at the international advanced level, and some technologies are internationally leading, and they are in the dominant position in China.

In the atmospheric border wind tunnel laboratory, everyone visited the largest environmental wind tunnel in Asia in the section of this test section.According to the staff, the atmospheric wind tunnel test section reaches 5 meters, reaches 3.5 meters, and has a length of 28 meters. It belongs to the DC blowing wind tunnel. It has rainfall, rain, heavy rain, heavy rain and other rainfall type simulation capabilities.Dry and wet accumulation of simulation capabilities.”The wind tunnel can carry out full -cycle research and technical support for the location, design, construction, operation, and retirement of the location of the nuclear power plant.”

“If nuclear leaks occur, how is it emergency?” Under the leadership of the engineer, everyone visited the R & D and support laboratory of nuclear emergency radiation protection protection.

In the nuclear emergency robot test hall, the valve operations, climbing, and cross -barrier tests of different series of robots can be carried out, providing a reliable guarantee for the radiation field robotic operation.The engineer also introduced the nuclear emergency equipment with different functions, complete varieties and advanced functions, and led everyone to watch the nuclear of directing communication vehicles, emergency monitoring vehicles, personnel dose monitoring vehicles, radiation protective vehicles, personnel transport vehicles and other nuclear.Emergency vehicle.

The opening of the nuclear research facilities to the public is co -sponsored by the Taiyuan Ecological Environment Bureau and the China Institute of Radiation Protection, so that everyone has a better understanding of radiation knowledge.Everyone said that in the future, they will work hard to start from themselves, and popularize the knowledge of nuclear radiation emergency knowledge I learned today to their loved ones and friends, so that more people know them correctly, understand them, and no longer talk about “spoke” color change changes.Essence

On the day of the National Security Education Day of the People, Taiyuan’s ecological environment system also implemented the overall national security outlook on the overall national security, promoting the widespread and in -depth popularization of national security education, and effectively enhancing the national security awareness of national security.

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