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Sat. May 25th, 2024
On March 28, Guangfa Securities released the 2023 annual report.2023 is the year of important changes in the financial industry. Guangfa Securities has always focused on the main business, maintaining a conf, and serving the real economy as the fundamental.The total operating income was 23.30 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 6.978 billion yuan.As of December 31, 2023, the Group’s total assets were 682.182 billion yuan, an increase of 10.52%from the end of 2022, and the ownership of the owner of the listed company’s shareholders was 1,35.718 billion yuan, an increase of 12.96%from the end of 2022.

Lin Chuanhui, chairman and general manager of Guangfa Securities, said that in the past year, the company has been in a new place to take the initiative to change and continue to deepen the high -quality business model; do it in implementation, actively improve, and continuously improve the capabilities of high -quality financial services; love is in the real placeDo not forget the original intention, effectively implement the new development concept, and promote the company’s high -quality development to reach a new level.2024 is the beginning of accelerating the construction of a strong financial country. Guangfa Securities will adhere to the people -centered value orientation, and give full play to the functional function of direct financing “service providers”, “seeing people” in the capital market, and “managers” of social wealth “managers”, Continue to promote strategic transformation and contribute to the development of new quality productive forces.

Focus on the main business of the main responsibility

Promote the core business to do excellent and strong

Guangfa Securities has four major business segments: investment banking, wealth management, trading and institutions, and investment management. It has a full -business license and creates a complete and powerful full -business chain.The Group’s main business indicators have been at the forefront of the industry for many years, and have formed a leading advantage in many core business areas such as research, wealth management, and asset management.

In the field of research business, Guangfa Securities’ stock research covers 28 industries in China and 958 A -share listed companies, as well as 141 Hong Kong and overseas listed companies.Industry authority awards.At the same time, as a securities company that established the Industrial Research Institute earlier in China, it has been obvious that the high -quality development of the core business has achieved obvious results.By focusing on macro policies, regional development, industrial track and other forward -looking research involving national economy and people’s livelihood, the company provides high -quality comprehensive services for high -quality customers, provides research and consultation for government departments’ policy formulation and industrial planningAt the same time, the exploration and key scientific research universities established an industrial incubation and transformation cooperation mechanism, and played the role of “technology+finance” to effectively help the virtuous circle of technology, finance, and industries.

In the field of wealth management, Guangfa Securities has taken the lead in proposing wealth management transformation in China. It now has excellent financial product research, sales capabilities, and professional asset allocation capabilities.As of the end of 2023, the company had more than 4,400 securities investment consultants, ranking first in the industry (the caliber of the parent company); the company’s sales of non -monetary public funds reserved the 3rd industry ranking, and the scale of financial products increased by 13.98%from the end of the previous year;The sales and transfer amount of financial products (including cash increase and gold rush market) of e -commerce platforms reached 216.8 billion yuan.

Overseas, the group’s subsidiary of the group’s universal shares, Guangfa agent (Hong Kong). In the case of the Hong Kong stock market’s downturn throughout the year, the amount of product ownership increased by 28.75%year -on -year, and the revenue of wealth management increased by 30.86%year -on -year.Essence

In the field of asset management, Guangfa Securities relies on the advantages of the financial group structure, coordinates the advantages of its asset management institutions, and has established a rich and diverse product supply system to provide customers with products and services that are dominant, diverse categories, and domestic and overseas products.Become the industry’s leading asset management brand.

As of the end of 2023, the scale of public fund -managed funds managed by the Holdings subsidiary of Guangfa Fund was 12,20.982 billion yuan, and the total scale of the currency market fund was 6,70.246 billion yuan, and the industry ranked 3rd (data source: company statistics, Wind, 2024).The size of the public fund -raising fund of the shareholding subsidiary of the shareholding company totaling 1.677340 billion yuan, the total scale of the currency market fund was 1013.937 billion yuan, and the industry ranked No. 1 (data source: company statistics, Wind, 2024).The wholly -owned private equity fund subsidiary, Guangfa Xinde, focuses on the layout of biomedical, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, enterprise services and other industries, and pays more than 17 billion yuan (data source: China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association).

In the overseas market, the group’s subsidiaries of the Group’s subsidiaries (Hong Kong) and its subordinate institutions have focused on high -end manufacturing, TMT, large consumption, biomedical and other core areas to conduct investment layouts., The United States and other stock exchanges are listed.

Persist in investors -based

Refining comprehensive financial service capabilities

Guangfa Securities adheres to investors -oriented, and through the comprehensive financial service capabilities of the full business chain and the life cycle, it continues to improve the service quality and efficiency of different customers such as individual investors, institutions, and corporate customers.Achievement return to investors.

The company has always implemented the business philosophy of “customer -centric”, promotes the implementation of platform transformation, and continuously improves the wealth management ability of residents.As of the end of December 2023, the company has 349 branches and business departments across the country to achieve full coverage of 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country, providing important support for better touching and serving customers.At the same time, the company strengthened online business operations, actively developed multi -channel traffic, and released the new Z Generation APP to continuously improve the user experience of the Yijin platform.

In terms of transactions and institutional business, the company actively promotes high -quality development, and launches a comprehensive service platform for the “Guangfa Zhihui” institution to integrate the company’s resources and provide comprehensive solutions for institutions and corporate customers to enhance institutional customer service capabilities, further improve institutional customersservice system.At the same time, as a first -level dealer business of off -site derivatives, the company continues to provide institutional customers with asset allocation and risk management solutions that use off -site derivatives as the carrier.As of December 31, 2023, the company’s counter market has released a total of 103,184 products, with a cumulative distribution product scale of about 2445.63 billion yuan, and the market value of the product at the end of the period is about 1,89.524 billion yuan.Among them, the number of new products in 2023 was 38,678, and the scale of new hair products was about 528.826 billion yuan.

As a direct financing “service provider”, the company adheres to the financial service real economy as the fundamental purpose, focuses on key industries, key areas and key products, strengthens scientific and technological innovation, advanced manufacturing, medical health, and green development.The quality of practice.During the reporting period, the company completed 17 the main underwriters of equity financing, and the owner underwriting of equity financing was 16.367 billion yuan.The company adheres to the core of value discovery. As a host, a total of 34 companies have continued to supervise the listing companies listed by the Bei Stock Exchange, of which nearly 70 % of the “specialized and new” enterprises (data source: stock transfer system, company statistics, 2024).

In terms of debt financing, the company played the business advantage and synergy effect of the group, continued to expand customer coverage of key areas, the project reserves increased significantly, and the industry status continued to increase.In 2023, the company’s main inheritance issued bonds 416, an increase of 121.28%year -on -year; the main inheritance amount was 244.442 billion yuan, an increase of 72.05%year -on -year.Among them, the main underwriting issued green bonds, scientific and technological innovation bonds, rural revitalization bonds, and high -quality development bonds of the Yellow River Basin, including 67, with a year -on -year increase of 346.67%. The scale of underwriting was 25.634 billion yuan, an increase of 226.67%year -on -year.

In the field of overseas investment banking business, the company mainly completes 47 projects such as Gangfa Financing (Hong Kong), a subsidiary of the subsidiary of indirectly shares, and 47 projects such as IPO, GDR, re -financing and bond issuance), and financial advisors.

In the past year, the company has also actively assumed the social responsibility of corporate citizens, and initiated the establishment of the Guangdong Guangfa Securities Social Welfare Foundation, which has cumulative public welfare expenditures of more than 280 million yuan.Through the development of the United Nations Sustainable Development Objective Demonstration Village Project and the Public Welfare Action for Love Playgrounds, the company’s economic benefits and social benefits, their own development and social development coordination and unity have been achieved.Due to ESG governance performance, the company was included in the Hang Seng Sustainable Development Enterprise Index in 2023.

Persist in the concept of steady business

Enterprise culture inject new talents

As one of the few brokerage companies established in the late 1980s to early 1990s, one of the first batch of brokerage firms that have not experienced capital injection and reorganization due to operating losses, Guangfa Securities can always rank among the forefront of the industry, with its excellent ones.Core competitive advantages such as corporate culture, scientific business layout, outstanding location advantages, and compliant business philosophy are inseparable.

The company attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture and talent teams, always maintains a strong feelings of home and country, adheres to the sense of mission of “creating a dream to report to the country with value”, inherits corporate values with the core of “strong knowledge map, realistic dedication” as the core, carry forwardThe excellent cultural genes of the “Doctoral Corps” are guaranteed by knowledge and professional as the cornerstone to serve the real economy and quality.

In order to create a talent team with a good professional and highly identifying the company’s corporate culture, the company adheres to the long -term mechanism of professional development and continuously improves the development of talent development, and actively supports employee growth through various measures, paths and conditions.At the same time, the company continues to build a stable salary mechanism in accordance with the principles of “implementing the concept of steady business, ensuring the requirements of the bottom line of compliance, promoting the formation of positive incentives, and improving the company’s long -term value.”Compliance and practice, integrity and career are linked.The company continues to strengthen cultural construction, emphasizes the assessment orientation of “a wide -haired, customer -centric, protecting the interests of investors, high quality and long -term sustainable development”, strictly adhere to the bottom line of compliance operations, and ensure the company’s stability.

As of the end of 2023, the number of employees in the group exceeded 15,000. The company’s operating management team has experienced an average of about 27 years in the field of securities, finance and economic related fields. The average time limit of the company has exceeded 18 years, and has rich business and management experience.

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