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Sat. May 25th, 2024
Original title: Digital finance helps the economy development
Digital finance refers to the use of new types of production such as digital tools such as information technology and data elements to change the financial format of traditional financial service models.Digital finance currently includes digital currency, digital payment, digital credit and other financial formats. It has the characteristics of low operating transaction costs, meet the needs of large -capacity customer groups, breakthrough time and space limitations.
Digital finance, as an emerging financial format, is of great significance to the high -quality development of the economy.First of all, digital finance helps to make up for the lack of traditional financial services, provide users with more diverse and personalized financial services and products, meet more user needs, establish and improve a more efficient financial ecological mechanism, guide the high -quality and stable development of the economy;The development ofization, intelligence, and innovation; again, digital finance helps promote globalization and internationalization of the financial market.Digital finance technology makes transactions faster, convenient, efficient, and transparent, thereby promoting more close trade between countries around the world, promoting investment and development of international trade, and accelerating the pace of economic globalization.At the same time, digital finance can provide more convenience for small and medium -sized enterprises to obtain more financing support.In my opinion, it can be deepened from the following aspects to explore the paths and methods of digital finance to help the high -quality development of the economy.
Strengthen digital fintech innovation and talent training.With the development and progress of information technology, the role of digital finance in promoting economic development is becoming more and more obvious, and the importance of digital fintech innovation and talent training has become increasingly prominent.Digital financial innovation can not only promote the more convenient, secure and inclusive financial services, but also help optimize the allocation of financial resources and promote the transformation and upgrade of the industrial structure.Talent is the soul and important support of digital fintech innovation. In the era of digitalization, fintech talents must not only have financial -related business and knowledge, but also need to be proficient in advanced scientific information technology, have an open international vision and high -level innovation capabilities.Continuously promote fintech innovation.In promoting financial technology innovation, it is necessary to effectively use cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies to reform the traditional financial business model.In order to meet the needs of fintech innovation talents, the talent training mechanism is also required.Universities and enterprises should clarify the demand for employment of financial markets, promote cross -disciplinary exchanges, break the restrictions between professionalism, and cultivate composite fintech talents that meet the needs of digital financial development.In addition, universities and enterprises also need to do a good job in industry -university -research cooperation.College of colleges and universities should strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions and financial institutions, improve the ability of scientific research results to transform into scientific research products and services, accelerate the incubation of innovative results, and jointly explore the integration path of fintech innovation and development.
Improve the construction of digital finance -related infrastructure.Infrastructure is a carrier for digital finance to provide services and play a role, and it is also the basis for driving digital fintech innovation.The construction of digital financial infrastructure can not only provide effective technical support for financial services, but also improve the universality and effectiveness of financial services.At present, my country’s digital financial infrastructure construction is relatively complete, and the network coverage is higher.However, there are some shortcomings in its development, such as security needs to be strengthened, risk management and control capabilities, and the degree of standardization needs to be improved.To improve the construction of digital financial infrastructure, the following practices can be adopted: First, improve the security of digital financial infrastructure.Security is an important prerequisite for digital finance to provide services. It can use network technology to strengthen security guarantees, and improve the security performance of digital financial infrastructure through encryption algorithm, security certification, security monitoring and other methods.Secondly, establish and improve the risk management mechanism.From the establishment of emergency plans and emergency treatment mechanisms for safety incidents, etc., the comprehensive control of security incidents from the incident to the solution process can effectively reduce the various losses caused by risks, and make preparations in advance.Third, the construction of different types of digital financial facilities should be divided into different categories, and differentiated and effective construction measures should be taken to promote the realization of the comprehensive and systematic development of digital financial infrastructure construction.In addition, digital financial infrastructure governance mechanisms need to be established.Clarify the responsibilities and obligations of all parties, promote the cooperation of various institutions, realize information sharing, promote the orderly development of digital financial infrastructure construction, and provide a strong guarantee for promoting high -quality economic development.
Strengthen the formulation and improvement of digital financial regulatory regulations.With the advancement of Internet technology and the innovation and development of digital finance, digital financial supervision faces new opportunities and challenges. It is necessary to strengthen the formulation and improvement of digital financial regulatory regulations, effectively protect the interests of investors, and safeguard the stable development of the financial market.However, there are many problems in the current construction of digital financial regulatory regulations, such as the lag of laws and regulations, and cannot meet the needs of social and financial markets; the construction of laws and regulations is not perfect, and the insufficient cross -border transactions and investment supervision are insufficient.These issues restrict the healthy development of the financial market and even lead to the emergence and spread of financial risks.Therefore, the construction of laws and regulations for digital financial supervision is urgently needed.First of all, the formulation of laws and regulations should be based on scientific and technological means and reliance, and make full use of technologies such as big data and cloud computing to establish digital financial supervision information platforms and timely update and maintenance to ensure the effective operation of the information platform.Secondly, risk -based supervision ideas should be established, risk prevention and forecasting mechanisms should be continuously strengthened, and risk management runs through the entire process of digital financial supervision and services.Third, the construction of laws and regulations should reflect the principles of fairness, justice, tolerance, and prudential. It is necessary to promote the innovation of digital financial services and technology, but also to properly prevent possible financial risks and balance the strictness and moderateness of digital financial supervision.At the same time, it is necessary to continuously strengthen international cooperation and promote the establishment of digital financial regulatory standards and systems in the world.
The methods and strategies for digital finance to promote high -quality economic development involve multiple levels and subjects. It requires the joint efforts of government, universities, enterprises, and financial institutions to create a good environment for promoting digital finance development.The development of green and tolerance, injecting and constantly dynamic momentum for the high -quality development of the economy, creating a new normal for the development of the digital economy, and achieving sustainable and healthy economic development.
(Xu Fangyuan, author unit: Nanjing Audit University School of Finance and Economics)
Source: Xinhua Daily

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