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Sat. May 25th, 2024

Recently, Xiamen International Bank Zhangzhou Branch carried out a series of “3.15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity activities to effectively do a good job of protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests, and continuously improve the coverage and influence of financial knowledge publicity and education.At the same time, adhere to the service concept of “customer -centric”, and take “no trivial affairs” as the starting point, continuously improve the service quality management level and customer satisfaction, create a “excellent service, warm heart with you” service cultural brand, promoteProfessional and high -quality financial services take root in the Zhangzhou Branch.

The Zhangzhou Branch placed the “3.15” financial consumer rights protection education promotional activities and various financial knowledge propaganda materials in the business hall.Funding funds and other aspects of financial knowledge are for consumers for reference.In addition, the advertising machine and cabinet business processor in the business hall broadcast the “3.15” financial consumer rights protection publicity poster, and roll the promotional slogan through the outlet door LED display to create an outlet promotional atmosphere.

During the promotional activity week, the Zhangzhou Branch based on business outlets and carried out the President Reception Day activities around the theme of “doing practical things, solving problems, promoting development, and benefiting the people’s livelihood”.

During the period, Zhangzhou Branch organized business departments and retail personnel to go to the field of Junyue and other communities to carry out on the spot to carry out public protection financial knowledge promotion activities.Knowledge; On March 15th, Zhangzhou Branch organized the business department and retail personnel to go to the ancient city to participate in the Zhangzhou Supervision Branch of the State Administration of Finance and Administration, Zhangzhou Banking Association, and Zhangzhou Insurance Industry Association.Concentrated publicity activities on themes of protecting equity prevention risks.Through a variety of methods such as discounts, on -site explanations, and pair of gift distribution, the event popularizes relevant knowledge of anti -money laundering, preventing the combat telecommunications fraud, and protection of consumer rights and interests to the general public, and further enhances the public’s awareness of consciousness in the public., Expanding the popularity of anti -money laundering and the publicity of anti -electrical scams, and won unanimous praise from citizens present.

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