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Sat. May 25th, 2024

Yuetong News Agency -March 21, Jufang National Park held the “Proposal of Ecological Tourism Development Proposal of Jufang National Park in 2023 ~ 2030” (hereinafter referred to as the “Proposal”) negotiation meeting.The mascot used in the 2024 jungle trail running in the jungle trail in 2024.

The point of view of the “Proposal” is that protecting the environment and the diversity of biodiversity is the most important task of Jufang Park. At the same time, it is the key to promoting tourism development.As well asBiological diversity, Knowledge and experience of wild animals and unique species.

 At the same time, the “Proposal” also promotes the cultural and historical values and potential of Jufang Park through various tourism activities, and aims to provide tourists with diversifiedtourism productAnd experience.

Ruan Wenzheng, director of Jufang National Park, said that Jufang Park was established on July 7, 1962. It is the first national park in Vietnam. Its main function and task is to protect the integrity of natural resources, as well as the value of culture, history and landscapes.; Give play to the protection of forests; carry out various scientific research activities and scientific research cooperation; hold various environmental education and service activities.

Based on the potential of biological diversity, natural landscape, local community cultural value, and the achievements in scientific research, rescue and protection activities, in recent years, Jufang Park has successfully organized the tourism ecosystem, including a number of effective players to play this.Plan and products of park value.

In order to build Jufang Park into a model forest environmental education and natural experience in the national park, Ruan Wenzheng hopes to submit the “Proposal” to the competent department for approval in accordance with laws and regulations to get many frank and appropriate opinions and suggestions.

At the meeting,Jufang National ParkThe mascot used in the 2024 jungle trail running competition in 2024, including the images of animals such as sawing turtles, Chinese pangolins, red -bellied squirrels, countless mountain sub -species, Drakur black leaf monkeys, and cloud leopards.These mascots aim to convey information about “running for protection”.(over)

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