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Sat. May 25th, 2024

As of April 15, the Institute of Engineering Materials Research Institute and China Oil Testing Institute have adopted independent research and development and the industry’s first laser additive re -manufacturing technology to repair high -end well -measured instrumental components such as pulse drilling, generator drilling, and flexible spindle.Up to now, the on -site service time of these instrumental components has exceeded 1,000 hours, and the commercial application of laser additive re -manufacturing technology in the field of oil diamonds and mining equipment has been achieved.

Laser additive manufacturing technology is based on laser as the heat source, based on digital model files, and uses powder or silk metals to restore new technologies of the original structure and size of objects by laser melting and pile welding.

High -end well -measured instruments have a bad service condition and environment. The manufacture of key and complex components not only requires special high toughness, high strength, magnetic non -magnetic, and corrosion -resistant raw materials, but also difficulty in production, long cycle, and high cost.

In order to meet the needs of rapidly repairing high -end well -measured instruments, the Institute of Engineering Materials Research Institute actively exerts its own advantages, leads the research on the re -manufacturing technology of laser re -manufacturing in the complex components of the well -measured instrument, extend the service life of high -end well measurement instruments, and scientifically and reasonably control construction costs.EssenceAfter more than 2 years of continuous exploration and repeated experiments, scientific researchers have successively overcome a number of core technologies such as welding material matching, material optimization, welding process parameters optimization, forming control, and surface modification.The problem that affects the overall structural safety performance of melting and other structures has been the first in the industry and formed a laser increase in laser additives with the characteristics of laser increases with small melting pools, small thermal influence zones, small ontology welding deformation, uniform material performance after welding, and no need to welding heat testing, products with such new technology repair are better than products with traditional welding repair technology repair.

The Engineering Materials Research Institute will continue to build an application technology innovation R & D highland through optimization of welding materials, improvement of craftsmanship, and formulating industry specifications (standards) to contribute wisdom and strength to the reduction of costs and efficiency of the main business of PetroChina.

Source 丨 China Petroleum News

Special reporter 丨 Chen Qing

Correspondent 丨 Liu Yonggang

Edit 丨 Feng Jun

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