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Sat. May 25th, 2024

In the past two days, pedestrians on the middle of Huaihai will find that the Shanghai Women’s Products Store that is re -installed in the closed store will be painted.With translucent rose red as the main color, it sets off a large artistic font that symbolizes women’s flowers patterns, a large -scale artistic font evolved by Artdeco’s artistic style- “Lady Huaihai” is particularly eye -catching.

The fence of Shanghai Women’s Products Store has the eye -catching words “Lady Huaihai”.

It is reported that the Shanghai Women’s Products Store, as the first professional store in China to serve women, will launch the women’s community brand “Lady Huaihai” for the first time when the old -fashioned stores are unchanged.

The “second stage” of culture and art, the “third space” of diverse consumption

The transformation from the Shanghai Women’s Products Store to “Lady Huaihai” is a new model, new scene, and new space of Bailian Group using “culture and art+business” to provide a microcosm of traditional business transformation.

Ye Yongming, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Bailian Group, said: “From the perspective of the practical experience of global cities such as New York, Paris, the organic integration of urban culture and commercial civilization is reflected.Help Haipai Business Culture into a special business card for Shanghai International Culture Metropolis. “

In recent years, Bailian has adopted a variety of models such as government -enterprise cooperation and enterprise -enterprise cooperation to accelerate the implementation of the transformation and upgrading projects of key commercial industries such as Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, and Xujiahui.New commercial landmarks such as Bailian West Suburb Shopping Center, Bailian Fashion Center Yanqingli, Baili Space, and Huaihai TX, Bailian ZX Chuangqu Field, Maochang 1923 mirror industry, boutique collection buyer shop The BálancingInnovative format.

Bailian Fashion Center Yan Qingli.

Huilian Commercial Building on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street has become the first business person in China that focuses on step -level culture -Bailian ZX Chuangqu Field, not only changing the “core”, but also introduced a large number of brand first stores and flagship stores, including the first overseas Bandai soul soul soul soul.Tamashii National flagship store, China’s first Megahouse, Shanghai’s first VR ZONE experience store, the first opening of the offline shopping store, the doll house of Lanyue, and many other local original original and overseas classic head IP;”, Customers have changed from the original domestic and elderly consumer groups to young customers from the Yangtze River Delta and even the country.During the Spring Festival this year, the passenger flow of the Bailian ZX Chuangqueta single store rose 63%and the scale sales increased by 175%.

Bailian ZX Chuangqu Field.

After renovating these commercial landmarks, it has transformed from a single retail function to a multi -scenes such as brand pop -up, theme market, creative beauty, literary performance, immersive drama, art exhibition, and new product release.Cross -border complexes integrated with service consumption have helped Bailian to accelerate the creation of the “first brand” of Shanghai business services, the “second stage” of culture and art, and the “third space” of diverse consumption.(Remarks: The concept of “Third Space” is proposed by American sociologist Lei Oldenburg., “Third Space” is an informal public gathering place outside the place of residence and work, and emphasizes the social attributes of the place.)

During the “Bailian New Year Art Festival” during the Dragon Year, the various formats of Bailian’s formats joined forces in the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra and Light Music Orchestra to launch more than 50 artistic interactive performances and characteristic exhibitions.The 15life Life Festival kicked off, and the “Bai Space Art Season” launched a number of art exhibitions. The 1st goods held the “Performing Tide Capital”, and the “neighbor theater” boutique repertoire in Bailian Quyang Shopping Center was staged in turn.During the Spring Festival this year, more than 40 stores of Bailian Group’s Bailian Group welcomed the “opening of the door”, and the passenger flow increased by nearly 15%year -on -year from 2023.

Painted the blueprint for upgrading a new round of business districts

A few days ago, the “Three-Year Action Plan for the Energy of Shanghai Commercial District (2024-2026)” was officially released.Bailian Group said that they have painted a new round of blueprint for upgrading the business district:

In Nanjing Road Business District,Focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of commercial properties such as Yongan Department Store and fashion stores.Based on the historical culture of Yong’an and the future development of Nanjing East Road, Yongan Department Store is positioned high -luxury hotel+commercial complex to create a “top international hotel and cultural and artistic center” to fully tap unique resources and cultural heritage; fashion stores draw on the old Buddha department store incenseThe flagship store of the Elysee Avenue, creating a fashion fusion center for interpretation of east and western aesthetics.

In Huaihai Road Business District,Accelerate the adjustment of the Shanghai Women’s Products Store, and collaborate with Yandang Road to upgrade the fashion block.At present, in the adjustment of the women’s supplies stores, it is expected to open in September this year. It will combine century -old buildings and female consumer genes to create a “energy field” in the new era of women’s lives and integrate “art and culture display+pioneer trend retail+coffee/roasting/small small.The compound format of the tavern, through the combination of “art culture, slow enjoyment of life, trend pioneer”, coordinated Huangpu District into an international fashion district with cultural and artistic leisure characteristics.

In the Xujiahui business district,Start the demolition and reconstruction of Oriental Commercial Building (flagship store) to create a stage for contemporary oriental life art.The reconstructed Oriental Commercial Building is positioned as the “Contemporary Oriental Life Art Theme Experience Center”. It is aimed at the needs of high -consumption and customer bases that have high pursuit of life art.Essence

At the same time, Jianqiu Bailian Group is located on the “one street, one river, one river” stock assets. Starting from the reinstatement of “China Commercial First Street Nanjing East Road”, it has penetrated into the “second facade of the Bund” and Suhe Bay and other “One River, One River,”In key areas, injecting artistic culture, characteristic business, and diverse residence are injected, and the formats such as office, curatorial, retail, and catering are integrated to create a new metropolitan area, driving the value -added asset value, and promoting the overall upgrade of the regional business.

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