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Sat. May 25th, 2024

Editor’s Introduction: Recently, the live broadcast business department of station B has been cut off. Although the real situation is unknown, it also reveals that the live broadcast of station B is walking in the deep water.Why can’t the live broadcast of station B be done?The author of this article analyzes from three aspects: the gameplay of the live broadcast of station B, the user of the station B and the live broadcast. Let’s take a look.

The road of live B is not as hot as it is, and the layoffs have been very arrogant.

According to Sina Technology News, recently, an anonymous person close to station B said that the list of live broadcast business departments in station B has planned to lay off the list.Essence

As for the reason, the report may be caused by the ecological imbalance between the live broadcast area of the station B.

In response to the news of layoffs, station B responded to the live broadcast department or the overall layoffs said:The live broadcast business is very good. The gross profit has been improving for three consecutive years. It is one of the most important businesses in Station B in the future. It is currently actively recruiting. There are more than 40 posts.

Behind the drama staged by the layoffs, it also revealed that the live broadcast of station B was walking in the deep water.

The brush volume of the live broadcast guild is already a common phenomenon in the live broadcast industry. Whether it is the old -fashioned tiger teeth, fighting fish, or the latecomer vibrato, and fast hands, they have tasted the sweetness of the “guild system” gameplay.Qingyun.

Under the gameplay of the second -dimensional attribute, under the gameplay of the re -engraved “guild system” and “small yellow car”, the list is rampant and reduced to a show. Especially under the “guild system” gameplay, use benefits to traction, trade unions, trade unions, unionsContinuously returning to brush flowing water directly destroys the entire live broadcast ecology of station B, and also damages the user experience.

Young users do not buy any accounts and have no soil in the list of listing. However, the commercialization goals carried by the live broadcast business of station B are pivotal.

Chen Rui, CEO of Station B, said that the live broadcast business is a must -have ability for station B and an important part of the entire ecological environment. CFO Fan Xin also explicitly gives a profit schedule of station B not long ago.

The layoffs were exposed, why didn't station B live broadcast?

Station B CEO Chen Rui, Figure/Bilibili Weibo

According to the financial report of station B in 2021, the revenue brought by value -added services such as live broadcast and large members of the B station B has risen rapidly. In 2021, the value -added service revenue exceeded the mobile game revenue for the first time, accounting for about 30 % of the overall revenue.

The live broadcast business of station B was highly hoped, and the burden of commercialization also fell on his shoulders.

But even so, the span of the live broadcast business of station B is still criticized by the outside world. The words of the layoff incident have also exposed the multiple hidden dangers of the play mode and user attributes of station B.The live broadcast business of station B seems to have reached the crossroads of fate. If you want to surrender a transcript of profit and loss balance within the period of profit schedule, it is far away.

Under the layoffs, the “guild system” of the ancient live broadcastplay of station B has become the target of the criticism.

According to Sina Technology,The surgery of the live broadcast business was due to the imbalance of the ecology of the live broadcast area. The live broadcast department’s “allowed” to settle in the guild used the standard unlimited return of the industry to brush the flowing water, resulting in a high amount of flow, but the platform did not get corresponding profits.

According to the new entropy report, the guild brushed 100 yuan at station B, and normal B will draw 40 yuan from it, but now station B will give the guild 20-40 yuan. Last year, the platform would even return to 10809 yuan, only onlyIn order to attract the booming flow.

The guild gameplay tend to be on the general trend of the live broadcast platform. In fact, this gameplay of station B is not exclusive and original. Live platforms such as Huya, Kuaishou, Douyu have already introduced the guild system.

The layoffs were exposed, why didn't station B live broadcast?

Station B Subsid Page, Figure/Bilibili official website

In short, the so -called “guild system” gameplay is a organization that assembles various anchors.Under the support of capital and resources, the anchor of high -quality Internet celebrities is gathered to the guild, and the guild can provide packaging, publicity, signing negotiations, and pulling fans. The successful anchors will accumulate a large number of fans on the platform.In order to create income with the platform, the guild and platform are divided into these revenue in accordance with the agreement agreed by the two parties.

Regarding the rumors of “Live Broadcasting Association Brush Water”, Station B has not given relevant responses at present, but from the perspective of the latest guild in station B this year, the live broadcast of station B is also a matter of blood.

According to the introduction of Bilibili Live Broadcasting 2022, the new anchor settled after January 1, 2022, enjoy a 70%no responsible reward division of 3 months, can also be divided into 50%of the basis after 3 months.Get a 20%reward division by completing the task.

Even if the new anchor under the guild performs excellent performance, Station B will give corresponding basic salary support and traffic resource support.

Although the guild gameplay “divided into a package” at station B is seductive, it actually has comprehensively re -engraved the experience of other live broadcast platforms. It is even higher than the “crazy” decision -making decision of industry division standards.

As early as 2019, the Kuaishou Live Press was open to the public. At that time, on the basis of the five or five points of the Association’s anchor, Kuaishou gave the guild flow back.It has been divided into nearly 30 billion associations and anchors, and more than 15,000 guilds have cooperated.

The new rewards, the broadcast rewards, and the return point of the self -brushing water can be described as a heavy money.

Under the generous guild incentive policy, major guilds in the station B have planned and stimulated the live broadcast room of their anchors to crazy the list, creating a “lively” live broadcast event.

But this is the return point of the re -engraving, which also added a heavy financial burden to station B. According to the financial report, the income cost of station B in the Q4 in 2021 was 2.43 billion yuan, a significant increase of 91 % year -on -year.The gross profit margin was reduced to 19 %, mainly due to income income cost increases.

In the monthly high -quality list of Station B, the Xiaoyang Big Goose ranked first, but for the major guilds that settled in many live broadcast platforms, the small geese attaches great importance to the live broadcast of station B.

The layoffs were exposed, why didn't station B live broadcast?

Ranking of Station B.

In the small goose on the 2nd to March, the number of fans of 73,000 anchors reached 1.42 billion.The continuous winning champion of Huya Honglian also brought good traffic to Huya.

In contrast, the more circled this year is only the special effects creative blockbuster created by “Magic Old Leather VFX”. It is obvious that the “guild system” gameplay of the direct re -engraved can not become the moat of station B. As a resultIt is counterproductive.

In addition to the guild gameplay, Station B has also launched a small yellow car function since the end of last year, opening the road of live broadcast and cargo.

However, the content platform to increase the gameplay of the e -commerce company, station B is also on the road that has long been connected along the live broadcast platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, and can be placed in front of the live broadcast of station B.The dilemma of narrow categories and few e -commerce SKUs. The 65 million daily activity of station B and Douyin with more than 600 million daily lives and 300 million daily life can only be seen.

On the meandering trail live, the later partner B was still chasing the old gameplay of competitors. To achieve the curve overtaking, it seems that this road is not only difficult to go, but also causes a backbone to station B.

Small broken stations based on severe two -dimensional communities and ACG content seem to be incompatible with live broadcast attributes.

According to the data of fire clouds, the average age of new users at station B is around 20 years old, mainly based on young two -dimensional user groups, of which more than 50%of users are from cities below the third and third lines.According to Chen Rui’s public speech at the 12th anniversary of the last year of station B, the proportion of monthly living users at the age of 35 and below of station B exceeded 86%, and the average age of new users was 20.2 years.

Judging from the user portraits of station B, the second -dimensional attributes and consumption capabilities of its mainstream users are incompatible with the live broadcast road.

The layoffs were exposed, why didn't station B live broadcast?

Creator portrait, Figure/2021 station B creator ecological report

However, under the blessing of the policies of the guild system, the anchors of station B were desperately scan the list and guided fans to buy “ship tickets”.The heat wave atmosphere of the field live.

Open social platforms such as Weibo and Zhihu, and the vomiting of the live broadcast section of the station B can be seen everywhere.

Under the topic of Sina Weibo’s “Station B live broadcast”, there are only 7 users discussion since this year, and it has reached the extreme.

Similarly, in the question section of “How to evaluate the live broadcast of station B”, Gao Zan answered “different user group attributes” and “live broadcast atmosphere have deteriorated” and other answers can see that today’s B station live broadcast is not favored by old users., Even many users bluntly, “Station B live broadcast is now taking the old road of Douyu and YY.”

When the user portrait is not matched with the live broadcastplay, it directly leads to the discouragement of the live broadcast of the two -dimensional main user group.

Secondly, most of the second -dimensional users of Station B are not interested in the live broadcast room.Because most of the fans of the UP owner pay attention because of their video works, and the live broadcast of the second -dimensional attributes, many fans have questioned “the atmosphere of commercialization is too heavy” and “the cash frequency is too high”.

At the same time, the departure of the atmosphere and content output of the live broadcast room has also made the depth of the live broadcast participants of the B site of the anchor and the trade union increasingly utilitarian.Growth environment.

Feng Timo, a well -known game anchor of the well -known game anchor, introduced a high price, and introduced the foreign entertainment guild. On the basis of the original virtual gift, the “big navigation” reward channel has been added.(198 yuan/month), Governor (1998 yuan/month), Governor (19998 yuan/month).

The layoffs were exposed, why didn't station B live broadcast?

Large Airlines reward interface, Figure/Bilibili live room

The lack of two -dimensional high -quality content filling and full of commercial atmosphere B. The original B user group was unwilling to pay.

In addition, the “small yellow car” e -commerce gameplay chasing other live broadcast platforms has not aroused much water flowers under the attitude of “not buying” by the user B. Nearly half a year passed, and the “small yellow car” station B.No popularity room.

Judging from the performance of the live broadcast of station B, whether it is the atmosphere of the live broadcast room or the commercial experience, they are ignoring the user’s attributes of their own platform and run counter to station B.Essence

How to find a balance point between guaranteeing content and taking into account user preferences and platform tone is the most thoughtful issue at the moment B live broadcast.

Recruiting UP main testing, acquisition of payment licenses, and launching “Little Yellow Car” functions, etc., the commercialization of station B is all out of the commercialization of the live broadcast business.

Not long ago, Station B announced the financial report of unaudited in 2021 and the fourth quarter.According to the financial report, thanks to the good development momentum of live broadcasts and large membership business, the revenue of the value -added service business of station B reached 1.89 billion yuan, an increase of 52%year -on -year.The annual value -added service business revenue reached 6.93 billion yuan, an increase of 80%year -on -year.

For the contribution of the live broadcast business, the specific amount was not announced in the annual report, and it was taken.

And from the existing live broadcasts led by Station B, the UP owners have not clearly announced their sales results, and even on the live broadcast platform of the entire B station, there is no similar to the myth of other platforms.The commercialization of the station live with the goods was covered with a mysterious veil.

However, it is certain that the live broadcast business of station B is relatively late and the base is small, and the contribution to revenue is not great. At present, station B does not promote live broadcasts with large -scale promotion.“Live and bringing goods” is more like “private domain with goods”.

The thunderbolt is small, but why should the live broadcast business of station B continue to promote commercialization under the strong enemy?

The competition for live tracks has been fierce. Huya, Douyu, Yingke, Momo, etc. are already old players. Later, there are more user -based vibrato and fast hands. At this time, it is tantamount to smashing money.

However, station B cannot hesitate. After all, as an important part of the community ecology, the live broadcast sector has formed a good two -way feedback with the creative ecosystem of the community.

Station B’s investment in the live broadcast business is also slowly playing.According to the financial report, in the Q4 of 2021, the cost of revenue in station B increased by 91%year -on -year to more than 2.4 billion yuan. The main reason was that the income of the live broadcast owner and the content creator increased.Among them, more than 70%are also live anchors, and more than 600,000 content creators have revenue through live broadcasts throughout the year.

In the financial report data, the value -added service has also become the largest source of income from station B, accounting for 32.8%, exceeding the mobile game business, and the live broadcast business and the income of value -added services are more closely related.

According to the financial report, starting from last year, Station B has strengthened the commercialization capacity building of value -added services, including the number of paid users of large members, live broadcast services and other value -added services, which has led to the comparison80%year -on -year growth in the same period in 2020.

Chen Rui, CEO of Station B, also said that the live broadcast business of station B is not only a revenue business, but also the essential ability of station B.At a conference call in March, CFO Fan Xin gave a profit schedule of station B. It is expected that by 2024, the profit and loss balance under Non-GAAP (non-communication principle) will be realized.

The profit goal of the commercialization of live broadcast and cargo is self -evident. Since the strategic position of the live broadcast business at station B is unusual, can there still be no way out of the live broadcast of station B?

Station B has a rich category of UP owner. The active UP owner is an anchor, which not only cater to the taste of the user group, but also allows the content ecology of station B to expand capacity. This is an indispensable advantage that the live broadcast platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou.

In addition, the virtual anchor is also a unique advantage of station B. According to Darkflame data, in January 2022, the total income from the audience received the total income from the audience by the virtual anchor of station B through the live broadcast, which increased by 146%.The average daily interaction was 34,000 and 272,000, respectively, an increase of 153%and 113%year -on -year.

The layoffs were exposed, why didn't station B live broadcast?

Virtual anchor live broadcast interface, picture/Suzuki Lingzi_Suzuk virtual anchor live broadcast room

But station B does not seem to use its own unique attribute advantages, but it is convinced that the gameplay of other live broadcast platforms is convinced.

“Screaming wheat, brushing the list, and reward”, the painting style of the live broadcast room has made more and more two -dimensional partial two -dimensional partial young user group unacceptable. After all, in the live broadcast reward, the post -95s and post -00sThe low consumption power is low, and it is not enough to think that the live broadcast business of the B station is “adding bricks”.

After the live broadcast of station B deviates from the user group, it has played the gameplay of other live broadcast platforms. The “guild system” gameplay has led to ecological imbalance.In the situation.

In the sound of “complaining” by users of station B, live broadcastplay can be said to have failed.

The house leak was shown in the rain, and the regulatory policy also released a tightening signal to the live broadcast field.On April 15th, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television’s Network Audiovisual Program Management Department and the Central Propaganda Department Publishing Bureau jointly issued a notice to strengthen the live broadcast management of online audiovisual show platform games.The notice requires that online audiovisual platforms are strictly prohibited from spreading illegal games, and illegal people who have lost illegal and German are strictly forbidden to use live broadcasts to make a mirror.

Heavy gold rewards, e -commerce with goods, and the path of live commercial monetization is nothing more than such a few categories, which can be left for the trial and error of station B.

The target of limited -time profit is high, and the live broadcast business with heavy responsibility is still bleeding.In the environment of stricter policies, the steps of chasing the opponent’s B station are getting bigger and bigger, but the difficulty of breakout is getting bigger.


Author: Yun Mengze; Editor: Zhou Yan; Public Number: A moment of business

This article is published by @本 本 本 本 is product manager.Reprinting is prohibited without permission.

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