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Sat. May 25th, 2024

March 25 is the 29th National Education Education Day.In order to improve the awareness of adolescents’ safety Internet access, Tencent QQ and Tencent’s seedling workstation and Wenzhou Youth Palace launched the “first lesson of network security” activities on March 23. Through the form of live broadcast interaction between the two places, they will teach practical practicality to adolescents and parentsNetwork security knowledge.

Live interactive, pk separation, security knowledge linking youths on both places

“Can’t be deceived if you have no money?” “What should I do?” … In the Tencent Protective Miao · One Fund Children’s Service Station in Shekou Street, Shenzhen, QQ Security Lecturer Xiao YanjingSafety knowledge cut in, and at the beginning, it attracted the attention of students, causing students in Shenzhen and Wenzhou to discuss and answer them.

(Shenzhen Shekou Street · Tencent Miao Lao · One Fund Children’s Service Station)

During the lecture, Teacher Xiao used vivid and interesting languages and rich and typical cases to popularize common network security issues to students, such as blind chasing, cyber violence and bullying, game fraud, and impersonation teacher fraud.Summarize the key points of correct Internet access to help students and parents use the QQ platform function to use the network safely.The atmosphere of the live broadcast room is even more in full swing. Students and parents studying online have commented and actively participated in learning online knowledge to win blessing bags.

(QQ Live)

“Today’s popular science is very meaningful. The teacher introduced common network security cases with simple problems. It also made us feel the enthusiasm for learning network security knowledge in Wenzhou Youth Palace.”Safety knowledge, will always be vigilant at all times in the future.

(Wenzhou Youth Palace scene)

Continue to pay attention to adolescents, QQ has long -term network security knowledge popularization

Youth cyber security is a topic of common concern in the whole society. Nowadays, young people touch the net age, have a lot of opportunities, and more time. To improve the awareness of adolescent network security, it requires the joint efforts of parents, schools, society, and enterprises.

As one of the core social tools of minors, since 2021, QQ has cooperated with many institutions and platforms such as the People’s Education Press, the China Children’s Center, and the Guangdong Anti -Fraud Center.Such key nodes have transported interesting network security knowledge for young people, and launched popular science content such as “Surfing and Security” manual and emoji.

“QQ Security Lesson First” has now entered Beijing, Shenzhen, Qingyuan, Chaozhou, Wenzhou and other places, and continues to bring practical network security knowledge to young people.In the future, QQ will also continue to go deep into offline scenes such as schools, communities, and juvenile palaces to carry out network security knowledge science popularization activities, improve the awareness of cybersecurity in the youth groups, and escort youth network security.

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