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Tue. May 28th, 2024

French men’s basketball star Tony Parker was furious with the French team in an interview, saying that it was a disgrace for France to go out in the first round of the group stage of the Basketball World Cup.

Parker rages against France: first-round exit a disgrace

Parker said, “We, the French team, went through a fiasco there. I talked to Batum on the phone for over an hour and it was really, really disappointing. It’s not normal for a team like that to lose in the first round. We’ve never seen Spain or the U.S. get knocked out in the first round. It’s a shame because our generation worked so hard to bring France back to a certain level so we could earn the respect of FIBA, the referees and other countries. Latvia played a great game, they made a lot of difficult shots, but it’s not normal. It’s still a bit of a shame.”

Parker was very disappointed with the performance of the French team and he thinks that the loss of the French team is unacceptable. According to Parker, France had enough strength to reach the knockout stage, but they did not play at the level they should have.

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