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Tue. May 28th, 2024

Today Lakers on-call reporter Jovan Buha reported that Pelinka, the Lakers’ vice president of basketball operations and general manager, considers the two superstars to be stakeholders in the team, and that he regularly consults with James and Davis on important personnel changes and the direction of the balance 2002r stone gray

Buha wrote in the article, “Pelinka considers James and Davis to be important assets to the team, and their input is critical to the team’s success. As a result, he will communicate regularly with both men to learn their thoughts and opinions in order to make decisions that are in the best interest of the team as a whole.”

Lakers GM Pelinka respects James and Davis

This report shows that Pelinka is a general manager who respects the opinions of his players. He believes that the players are part of the team and their opinions should be valued. It also shows that the Lakers are trying to build a more cohesive team under James and Davis.

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MLS Football Jersey