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Tue. May 28th, 2024

Recently, a rumor of a shocking trade has been circulating in NBA circles that four teams – the Mavericks, Rockets, Suns, and Pelicans – may make a four-way trade before the start of the new season, involving stars such as Irving, Ayton, McCollum, and others.

Maverick sent away Irving, in exchange for Ayton

The Lone Ranger has always been a title contender in the eyes of fans, but they have been criticized for their weakness at the interior position. Now, they seem to have found a solution: sending away Irving for Ayton, the Suns’ dominant inside presence.

Irving, the all-star guard, has always been the team’s key man, but his departure has long been in the Maverick management’s consideration. The reason is simple, his pairing with Doncic did not achieve the expected results. In order for Doncic to play better, the Maverick needs to find a more suitable player to match him.

And Ayton, the young and promising interior player, has excellent physical quality and amazing talent. His arrival will greatly enhance the Maverick’s interior strength, and his pairing with Doncic is full of expectations. Not only that, Ayton’s ability to finish under the basket is also top-notch, and his arrival will undoubtedly make the Maverick’s offense more diverse.

Rockets send away Ethan for Murphy

The Rockets selected Ethan in this season’s draft, and the potential star has excellent athleticism and defensive talent. But in the offseason, the Rockets didn’t seem to be satisfied with Ethan’s rate of improvement, so they decided to send him away.

In the trade, the Rockets got Murphy, a player with both offensive and defensive skills, whose arrival will provide the Rockets with more scoring options and defensive support.

NBA blockbuster trade! 5-team deal: Irving to Pelicans, Ayton with Doncic

Pelicans form Big Three

The Pelicans had a great playoffs this season, beating the Suns and making it to the Western Conference Finals. However, in the finals, the Pelicans were defeated by the Warriors and did not win the championship.

In order to make a bigger breakthrough next season, the Pelicans decided to form a big three. In the trade, the Pelicans got Irving, who is an excellent scoring guard, and his arrival will provide more scoring firepower for the Pelicans.

Suns Rebuilding

The Suns had a successful season as they made it to the Finals. However, in the finals, the Suns ended up defeating the Warriors and were unable to win the championship.

In order to rebuild the team, the Suns decided to send away Ayton. In the trade, the Suns got McCollum, a player who is an excellent scoring guard, and his arrival will provide more scoring firepower for the Suns.


This four-way deal, once finalized, will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the NBA landscape. The Maverick’s interior problem has been solved, the Rockets’ scoring ability has been improved, and the Pelicans have formed a triumvirate of Irving, Zion, and Inge, who will make an impact on the championship. Although the Suns lost Ayton, the pillar of the interior, but they got McCollum, a good scorer and the future of the second round of signatures, but also for the future of the reconstruction of the foundation.

Of course, this deal is still only in the rumor stage, and it will take time to prove whether it can be realized. But no matter what, we are looking forward to the new season, looking forward to the NBA to bring us more exciting games and stories.

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